Newsletters written by study abroad alumni about their experience abroad in many different countries.

Experience study abroad programs through the Newsletters written by Smeal College of Business students below. You might also like to visit the IES Student Blogs page or blog about your own study abroad experience through the Penn State Geoblog.

Study Abroad Program Newsletters
Photo from Pforzheim, Germany newsletter

Central Eastern Europe, Summer 2013

gardens by the bay in singapore Singapore Internship, Spring 2013
Photo from Pforzheim, Germany newsletter Pforzheim, Germany, Summer 2012
Photo from Milan, Italy newsletter of a sign reading "Milano Loves Fashion" Milan, Italy, Spring 2012
Photo from Maastricht, The Netherlands newsletter Maastricht, The Netherlands, Spring 2012
Photo from Siena, Italy newsletter Siena Italy, Fall 2011
Photo from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam newsletter Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Fall 2011
Photo from Granada, Spain newsletter Granada, Spain, Spring 2011
Photo of food from Warsaw, Poland newsletter Warsaw, Poland, Spring 2011
Photo from Khon Kaen, Thailand newsletter Khon Kaen, Thailand, Spring 2009
Photo from Granada, Spain newsletter Granada, Spain, Spring 2009
photo from Rome, Italy newsletter Rome, Italy, Spring 2009
Photo from Puebla, Mexico newsletter Puebla, Mexico, Summer 2009
Photo from Shanghai, China newsletter Shanghai, China, March 2008
Photo from Seville, Spain newsletter Seville, Spain, January 2008
Photo from Vienna, Austria newsletter Vienna, Austria, September 2007
Photo from Singapore newsletter Part 2 Singapore, Part II, March 2007
Photo from Singapore Newsletter Part 1 Singapore, Part I, February 2007
Photo from Wellington, New Zealand newsletter Wellington, New Zealand, January 2007
Photo from Salvador, Brazil summer program newsletter Salvador, Brazil, December 2006
Photo from Perugia, Italy newsletter Perugia, Italy, November 2006