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Business Fraternities

This page includes a list of Penn State Smeal College of Business Fraternities. Unlike some greek life fraternities and sorririties, Smeal fraternities are designed to give students unique networking opportunities in a professional setting.

Alpha Kappa Psi

Alpha Kappa Psi is the oldest and largest business fraternity in the country. As a brother, you are joining a network of more than 260,000 individuals worldwide. AKPsi is proud to be the home of alumni that have held positions that range from Fortune 500 CEOs to non-profit organizations. The possibilities for you and your career goals are endless; the first step to your success is here!

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Delta Sigma Pi

For more than 95 years, Delta Sigma Pi has encouraged, supported, and shaped the professional goals and personal aspirations of thousands of members. It is quite simply the foremost professional fraternity for men and women pursuing business careers. Devoted to promoting competency and achievement within the field of business, Delta Sigma Pi also facilitates social activity among students, the community, and business organizations. Our purposeful philosophy encompasses all religious and cultural affiliations, includes both men and women, and reaches from coast to coast with over 300 collegiate and alumni chapters and over 205,000 members.

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Phi Beta Lambda

Under the Penn State Smeal College of Business, Penn State PBL has become a premier organization that offers professional networking and career preparation opportunities. PBL offers all majors at Penn State the opportunity to advance their business and professional education beyond the classroom. Through our four pillars of professionalism, philanthropy, social, and competition we impart on our members the necessary skillset required for all working professionals both in their careers and in their everyday lives. We strive as an organization to let our knowledge and ethics shine through in everything we do.

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Phi Chi Theta

Phi Chi Theta (PCT) is a Co-Ed Professional Business and Economics Fraternity at Penn State University. Our fraternity focuses on three pillars: Professional, Philanthropy, and Brotherhood. The fraternity provides brothers and sisters the opportunity to gain workplace experience, in efforts to further their knowledge of the business world, as well as network with major corporations through events and our extensive and successful alumni community. Phi Chi Theta is dedicated to giving back to others and is involved in the Penn State Dance Marathon, as well as many other community services. The fraternity provides the opportunity to build lasting friendships within Phi Chi Theta, as well as the advantage of socializing with other organizations.

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Phi Gamma Nu

We believe well-rounded leaders should enrich the lives of others, their industries, and their communities. We apply the skills learned in the classroom to real-world projects and situations to help students navigate the workplace transition seamlessly. By including all majors, we can create an organization that realistically reflects the demographics and skill sets of today’s business.

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