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Major-Related Organizations

This page includes a list of Penn State Smeal College of Business major related organizations. These are clubs and organizations that are affiliated or related to an academic Smeal major or common business interest.

Accounting Society

The mission of the Accounting Society is to contribute to our members’ knowledge and understanding of the accounting discipline; stimulate our members’ interests in the practicing profession of accounting, including related fields such as finance, information technology and systems (IT&S) and advisory services; emphasize academic achievement, and address the personal and professional needs of our members by complementing their academic experiences with events, activities and involvements that will contribute to their personal self-development, as well as professional growth and development as they prepare themselves for careers in the accounting field, including related fields such as finance, IT&S, and advisory services.

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Actuarial Science Club

Helps students learn what it means to be an actuary, develop professionally, pass actuarial exams, and secure jobs and internships through a variety of annual events, including an actuarial career fair, technical trainings, mock interviews, company info sessions, and funding for exam resources.

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Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Club of Penn State

The PSU Biotech and Pharmaceutical club is a student run organization with the mission to connect industry and the students of Happy Valley. We are committed to cultivating the personal and professional growth of our members. We put a priority on providing education, skills and networking opportunities to enhance exposure within the healthcare field. We work to develop relationships and strengthen existing interactions with academia, pharma, and biotech companies. With the goal making Penn State a recruiting ground for the biotech and pharma industry. 

We cover FinanceSupply ChainMarketingAdvertisingSalesHealth Care Consulting, and R&D. Students can expect to learn about each of these fields while progressing professionally and exploring different career paths. 

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Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Society (CIES)

The purpose of the Corporate Innovation & Entrepreneurship Society (CIES) is to foster a creative, innovative culture within Penn State’s community. Our aim is to strengthen the academic and professional network of students interested in Corporate Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

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International Business Association (IBA)

The Pennsylvania State University’s International Business Association is a group of highly motivated individuals who have a keen interest in international business. We, as an association, want to make it easier for scholastically motivated members to find out how to get involved with international business.

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MAcc Program Student Association (MPSA)

The MAcc Program Student Association (MPSA) strives to enhance the experience of the Masters of Accounting Program at the Smeal College of Business through professional networking opportunities, community service, and providing a mentor program. MPSA also provides a voice for the Masters of Accounting students so that the needs, wants, and concerns can be recognized and presented to the MAcc advisers for the betterment of the program and the educational benefits received.

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Management Information Systems Association (MISA)

The purpose of the Penn State student chapter of the MISA is to foster academic and professional advancement in the Management Information Systems field; promote the exchange of knowledge, experience, ideas, and cooperation among its members; and lead the evolving MIS profession.

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Penn State Finance Society (PSFS)

The Penn State Finance Society (PSFS) seeks to expose students to the various fields of finance by providing them with perspectives from experienced students, faculty members, and professionals. The organization hosts numerous networking, professional development, and social events throughout each semester. PSFS welcomes students of all majors and years who have an interest in learning more about finance.

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Penn State Investment Association (PSIA)

The Penn State Investment Association (PSIA) exists to teach its members about investing and the finance industry. PSIA is open to students of all ages and all majors at University Park. No prior investing or finance knowledge is required to join. In PSIA, students can expect to learn basic and advanced investing concepts, the current state of the stock market and economy, valuation methodologies and how to apply them, and how to best position yourself to pursue a career in the finance industry and on Wall Street. Members also have the opportunity to participate in a mock portfolio challenge, stock pitch competition, and networking events.

PSIA also serves as the feeder organization to the Nittany Lion Fund, which is Penn State’s ~$9 million student-run hedge fund. At the end of each semester, PSIA analysts can apply and interview for a spot on the Nittany Lion Fund. In order to be eligible, PSIA analysts must be a freshman or sophomore.

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Penn State American Marketing Association (PSAMA)

PSAMA looks to provide members with tangible marketing experiences and turn business students into business leaders. Our mission is to provide our student members with real-world business experience; not just limited to the fundamentals of marketing, but also exploring all professional and rudimentary skills of business. Through personal and professional development, networking and leadership, we offer our members the vital prerequisites needed for any undergraduate to make a comfortable transition to the workforce.

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Penn State Prime

Penn State Prime is a student-run marketing organization in the Smeal College of Business. Members work directly with industry leaders to develop both hard and soft skills, through hands-on workshops, real-world projects, and case competitions. Throughout the fall semester, students build their competencies in insights, strategy, and creativity. In the spring, members have the opportunity to explore the relationships between brand clients and advertising agencies through curriculum integration.

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Penn State Asset Management Group (PSAMG)

The purpose of the Asset Management Group is to create zero-barrier opportunities for students passionate about finance and economics to learn about the effects of various types of securities on a portfolio, while acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary for working in Finance.

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Professional Management Association (PMA)

The Professional Management Association is dedicated to making sure that its members succeed while in college both professionally and socially. Here at PMA, we guide and lead by our slogan, enabling all members to “Step into Professionalism”. Our club is open to students from any major, and we are dedicated to social and professional development as well as philanthropic efforts throughout the year. Our members go on to enjoy broad success within the business world, even during their education! With help from our corporate sponsors and Penn State faculty, we enthusiastically carry out or mission to provide unparalleled wholistic insight into the ever changing world of business and its many facets. We encourage you to browse our website for more details.

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Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA)

Powered by one of the nation's top supply chain departments, SCMA ignites the future generation of Penn State's Supply Chain leaders. 

Established by the merger of CSCMP and APICS

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