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Maymester & Short Term International Study

The opportunity to embark on an exciting short term study abroad program may be of particular interest to students that cannot afford either the time or money for a semester abroad. Opportunities exist for either stand-alone courses, or experiences embedded within a course, lasting one to three weeks. They usually fit into a natural break from classes in the PSU calendar, like spring break, winter break or May-mester.

Important Details

  • There are sometimes pre-requisites and always extra expenses for these courses. For embedded courses, often the student must call the department offering the course to have it added to their schedule.
  • Make sure your passport will be valid for 6 months after the return from abroad, and if you do not have a passport, apply right away.
  • These programs do NOT satisfy 6 units taken abroad for the International Business Minor.


Maymester Global Orientation


Florence, Italy: Old World Innovations and their influence on Modern Business Systems  Florence & day trip to Venice


5 - 31 


Embedded International Study

College of Agricultural Sciences

College of Arts and Architecture

School of Hospitality Management

  • HM 498A International Hospitality Management (3 credits): Spring Break to Italy or Spain
  • HM 498B Asian Hospitality and Culture (3 + 1 credits): Maymester to Hong Kong & Macau
  • questions should be directed to Marja Verbeeten

The Liberal Arts College

  • J ST /HIST 140 The Israel-Palestine Conflict (GH;IL) MWF 9:05-9:55 Instructor Lior Sternfeld Fall 2016
  • SPAN 131 Ibero-American Civilization (GH; US; IL) Spring 2017 online with travel to Costa Rica March 4-12, 2017

Rec Park Tourism Management

  • RPTM 297D Sustainable Tourism and the Environment - contact Dr. Alan Graefe or Dr. Carter Hunt

College of Science

  • BIOL 482 Coastal Biology (BIOL 220W (3 units) to Curacao, Netherlands Antilles) spring break 2017
  • contact Dr. Iliana Baums at for more information

Scranton-Worthington Liberal Arts

  • LA 197A Amsterdam: History, Arts, Culture includes a study trip to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. For more information contact Beatriz Rivera-Barnes bur3@psu.edu