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Maymester & Short Term International Study

Embark on a Maymester short study abroad program, or take a class at Penn State that has embedded within it a chance to study in another country for a week or two.

The opportunity to embark on an exciting short term study abroad program may be of particular interest to students that cannot afford either the time or money for a semester abroad. Opportunities exist for either stand-alone courses, or experiences embedded within a course, lasting one to three weeks. They usually fit into a natural break from classes in the PSU calendar, like spring break, winter break or Maymester.

Important Details

  • There are sometimes eligibility requirements or pre-requisite courses.
  • Plan on extra expenses for these courses.
  • For embedded courses, often the student must call the department offering the course to have it added to their schedule.
  • Make sure your passport will be valid for 6 months after the return from abroad, and if you do not have a passport, apply right away.
  • These programs do NOT satisfy 6 units taken abroad for the International Business Minor.

Smeal Maymester Programs

--Maymester 2022--

International travel may be subject to University approval, dates are subject to change, and programming may be altered or cancelled due to changing circumstances.


*Barcelona, Spain: Business in Barcelona (Maymester) 

  • MGMT 399: Intercultural Communication for a Global Economy (3 credits)
Barcelona, Spain with local field trips

May 8-May 28, 2022

*Florence, Italy: Old World Innovations and Their Influence on Modern Business Systems (Maymester)
  • IB 399 / ACCTG 399: Old World Innovations and their Influence on Modern Business Systems (3 credits)
Florence, Italy & day trip to Venice

May 8 - May 28, 2022

*Pforzheim, Germany: Sustainability and Technology in Business (Maymester)   --see video information session by instructors
  • IB 399: Sustainability & Technology in Business (3 credits)
Pforzheim Germany; one week travel to Freiburg & Heidelberg Germany

May 8 - May 27, 2022

For other short stand-alone summer programs, please see the full list of Penn State study abroad programs. It is possible to run an advanced search to narrow down summer programs offered during the month of May, designated as Maymester. Other summer programs are considered short, three to four weeks, but do not fall under the category Maymester if they span into June or later in the summer.

Embedded International Study

Program offering for spring break 2022 has not yet been confirmed. There will not be any Smeal embedded programs for Spring Break 2022.

Some courses taught at Penn State have international travel with the instructor as a small part of the course. Check pre-requisite classes, eligibility, language requirement and the campus where the course is being taught to see if you are eligible BEFORE adding the course in LionPath or calling the department offering the course to have it added. There is often a contact person for each program to provide more information. Here is a link to a full list of Penn State Embedded courses. Below is a selection of programs that will accept all majors. 

Program NameCityCountry
Smeal College of Business

Embedded MGMT 497 Entrepreneurship in Colombia - University Park, Eligibility: ENTI minors or CIENT majors may apply by emailing Jeanette Miller  

Villa de Leyva and Bogota Colombia

Embedded BA 497 Supply Chains in Panama - University Park, Eligibility SCM 301 required, SCM 400 level preferred. For more information: Jana

Panama City Panama
Other Colleges
*Embedded: AFR 297 – Sustainability and Development in Africa - University Park Marrakesh Morocco
Embedded: AGECO/CED 499 - Issues in Economic, Community and Agricultural Development in Kenya - University Park Nyeri Kenya
Embedded: AEE / INTAG 499 - Indigenous Knowledge and Agricultural Education - University Park San Ignacio Belize
*Embedded: AG BM / INTAG 470 - Comparing Agricultural and Food Systems in the U.S. and France - University Park Paris, Toulouse France

Embedded: ENGR 310 - Entrepreneurial Leadership - University Park

Jerusalem, Tel Aviv Israel
Embedded: ANTH 140 / ANTH 197-1 - Anthropology of Alcohol - University Park Copenhagen OR Edinburgh Denmark OR Scotland
Embedded: RUS 002/200/400/402/403/141 HIST 402N/525 ECON 427N - Spring Break in Moscow - University Park Moscow Russia
*Embedded: ECON 299 - Economics of the Swiss Economy - University Park Bern, Zurich Switzerland
Embedded: JST 197 - Embedded Program to Poland and Lithuania - University Park Vilnius/Warsaw Lithuania/Poland
*Embedded: EGEE 497 - Sustainable Energy in New Zealand - University Park Auckland, Wellington, Whanganui New Zealand
*Embedded: ERM 499 - Natural Resources in Patagonia/Santiago Chile - University Park Olmue, Puerto Natales, Punta Arenas, Santiago, Torres del Paine Chile