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Choosing a Program

Choosing a Study Abroad Program is not selecting a travel destination, but examining goals and comparing them to what each program offers in terms of language fluency, geographic location, and course work. These programs are all approved for the IB Minor Global Immersion track.

Penn State students are eligible to apply for any PSU Education Abroad program offered through Penn State Global.

All programs listed on the Smeal International Programs Choosing a Program list have been approved for use in the Global Immersion track of the International Business Minor. All requirements of the program must be met to earn the IB Minor. These programs have been selected from the full list of Penn State Education Abroad programs.

Credits earned abroad during fall or spring semester at a non-PSU program will NOT be accepted toward any Smeal degree requirements including general education and electives. Students with compelling academic motivations for pursuing non-PSU programs may contact the Office of International Programs to inquire about a petition process.

How to Choose a Program

You will need to choose and apply to only one Education Abroad program. Carefully consider the following as you explore which Penn State Study Abroad Program is the best fit for you.

  • Keep your major goals in mind
  • Review eligibility requirements (GPA, semester standing, language or course prerequisites)
  • Research the required and optional courses
  • If cost is a consideration, visit the Financial Planning page and consider programs on the Cost Effective list below
  • Meet with your Academic Adviser to discuss how the courses from abroad will fulfill your degree requirements.
  • We strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment with us in the Strickler Office of International Programs.

 It is important to start the planning process early so that you can schedule any prerequisite courses you may need for your preferred program.