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International Internships

Exploring International Internship Opportunities

International internship information is provided by the Smeal Office of International Programs, the Smeal Career and Corporate Connections Office, and Penn State Global Programs office. Students interested in interning abroad have a challenging, exhilarating cultural experience that includes a chance to build work skills, while learning about the working environment of a different country. Opportunities are available in English in many countries. Some internships require proficiency in the language of the country. Credit does not count toward Smeal graduation requirements or the International Business Minor.


Smeal students in a summer program with a full time internship or service learning experience may apply for a scholarship. Some funding is for an experience in a third-world location, and other funding may apply in more developed areas. Apply by February 16, 2018 for an International Internship Scholarship or a Community Engagement and Development Grant. There are also PaCIE Scholarships available for students with an internship in Asia.

Third-party International Internship Providers

  • Project based semester or summer experience, usually unpaid
  • Student pays a third party international internship provider to assist with making an internship connection, providing housing, orientation and ongoing support during the internship. 
  • The grade from a seminar class (if required) is listed on student’s transcript as IB 199, and counts toward semester and cumulative grade point averages. Credit does not apply toward Smeal graduation requirements or the International Business Minor
  • Below is a list of Penn State affiliated programs. For students that want to look further and take responsibility to evaluate other possibilities, there are many internship and service learning providers.

Non-PSU Providers and Resources List

Service Learning Abroad and Other Options

Penn State Affiliated International Internship Programs

Penn State Approved International Internship Programs:
Country/CityProgram SponsorSemester
Santiago IES: Santiago Internship (Summer) Summer
Shanghai CRCC Asia: Shanghai Internship (Summer) Summer
Paris IES: Paris Internship Program (Summer) Summer
Berlin IES: Berlin Internship Program (Summer) Summer
Pforzheim Pforzheim: Pforzheim Summer Internship Program (Summer) Summer
Dublin IES: Dublin Internship (Summer)
Rome IES Rome: Internship Program (Summer) Summer
United Kingdom
London Arcadia: London Internship Program (Summer) Summer
London Arcadia: London Internship Program Spring/Fall
London IES: London Internship (Summer) Summer

IES: Freiburg, European Union Program

Internship follows spring attendance in this program


Resources: Smeal Office of International Programs; Penn State Education Abroad Office; IES; Arcadia