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Diversity Enhancement

This page serves to outline all undergraduate Diveristy Enhancement initiatives at the Smeal College of Business within the Pennsylvania State University

The mission of the Office of Diversity Enhancement Programs is to assist in the development of a diverse learning community by creating a welcoming climate for all undergraduate students. Through a variety of academic, professional, and personal enhancement opportunities, our office helps students leverage the resources available through our distinctive learning community. 

Services and Opportunities 

Personalized Academic Planning 

Through the Diversity Enhancement Scholars Program, our director helps you navigate your academic path, monitor your progress, and ensure you receive guidance when needed. The director will work with you to select a major, provide insights on which courses to take, and help you to hone in on your specific interests to make the most of your academic experience. 

Penn State, Smeal, and the Office of Diversity Enhancement Programs are dedicated to providing financial assistance to students who qualify. Scholarships are both needs-based and merit-based. 

Smeal provides a variety of leadership and professional development opportunities, including eight diversity-focused student organizations. 

Striving Toward Awareness and Respect for Tomorrow (S.T.A.R.T.) is a student-run diversity conference where committee members work closely with corporate representatives to develop an agenda of workshops featuring best practices pertaining to diversity topics and initiatives. 

Corporate Networking Opportunities 

Smeal will assist you with corporate networking and placement activities through a variety of events, leadership seminars, and internships sponsored by leading companies. 

Connect with Us: 

204 Business Building 

University Park, PA 16802 

Phone: 814-865-0938 

Jamie Campbell, Associate Dean juc27@psu.edu  

Olivia Lewis (she/her), Director okl1@psu.edu  

Pauline Hough, Program Coordinator pqh101@psu.edu