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International Business Minor

The International Business Minor is a credential for Smeal College of Business students to demonstrate their education in international business at Penn State and globally, by studying abroad.

The International Business Minor is an academic credential for Smeal College of Business students to demonstrate their education in international business at Penn State and globally, and it includes a studying abroad experience as part of their academics.

The International Business Minor (I B Minor) is designed to be paired with a Smeal major program to provide students with an opportunity to focus on international business. It provides students with knowledge, skills, and experiences that prepare them for a business career that might include international responsibilities.

Students gain perspectives about the challenges and opportunities of commercial activity in a global business environment through course work that may include:

  • Fundamental business concepts
  • International business or international related topics
  • Foreign language or Special Destination courses
  • Courses through approved study abroad programs

An I B Minor Academic Plan form may be submitted after a student is permanently enrolled in their major (FIN, MKTG etc), usually 5th semester. They must also be accepted to, or have attended an approved study abroad program before they apply.


  • A grade of "C" or higher (or SAT grade for spring 2020) is required in all courses for the I B minor.
  • Courses cannot double count in multiple areas of the minor.
  • Students must complete their entire program in order to fulfill the minor. Please note that many study abroad programs require a minimum number of credits, and this requirement must be met.

I B Minor Academic Plan Form

    View the REQUIRED  I B Minor Academic Plan form. Fill it out online, save it to your computer, then attach it to an email to your International Programs Adviser or .

   Students must schedule an  appointment with the Smeal Office of International Programs before departure to complete this form.

1. Take all Prescribed Courses (7 units):

     ACCTG 211, BA 411

2. Take all Additional Courses (18 units). Must be taken at PSU:

    Take all: FIN 301, SCM 301, MKTG 301, MGMT 301

    Select 6 credits: I B 303, I B 403, I B 404, I B 440, I B 450, I B 460, I B 470, I B 497 (Special Topics: Sustainability and IB)

3. Supporting Courses and Related Areas (12 units)

Take 6 units from an Approved Penn State Education Abroad program

  •  Candidates for the International Business Minor must attend a program on the Choosing a Program list.
  •  These credits may not double count within the IB Minor.
  •  Students must complete the number of units required by the program they attend in order to satisfy the minor requirements.

Select 6 units in consultation with Smeal Office of International Programs (SOIP).

   Students must schedule an  appointment with the Smeal Office of International Programs before departure to select 2 categories for 6 credits from the following list:

       a. Additional I B 400 level course at PSU (I B 403, I B 404, I B 440 I B 450, I B 460, I B 470, I B 497)

       b. 300 or 400 level Culture Course at PSU:

              Courses offered: Fall 2022 | Spring 2022 | Summer 2022

       c. Foreign Language at the 15th unit level

       d. Second Foreign Language

       e. Special Destination Course (prior approval required). Not offered on all programs.

       f. International Course Abroad (prior approval required). Not available for 6 unit summer programs.

I B Minor Petition

The International Business (I B) Minor was created to give business students an opportunity to complement their academic experience with an education abroad program and courses focused on increasing one's global awareness. The I B Minor is available to students who participate in Smeal approved Penn State education abroad programs.

There may be circumstances in which an exception will be made to this policy. If you feel that a non-Penn State program can provide the academic quality required for the education abroad component of the IB Minor, please submit this form. The petition must be submitted before your departure on the study abroad program.

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