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Smeal Students at Another PSU Campus

Welcome to the information resource for transitioning from a Commonwealth Campus to the University Park Campus.  Below you will find helpful links to answer your questions about your move to Smeal at University Park.

Do you need information academics?  Check out these sites.

Change of location information available on this website. It covers policy, procedure, and additional resources for Campus Students involved in the 2+2 program.

Entrance-to-Major - This page contains information and policy on entrance to major , change of major and other related topics.  Be sure to select your correct program (the year you are in enrolled into your major).

Major Requirements (be sure to note the pre-requisites for major courses). We provide you with comprehensive plans for each major offered in the Smeal College of Business.

Scheduling for Rising Juniors- Check out our materials designed to help students just admitted to their majors.  The page includes audio, video, and printed material that will help you schedule for the first two semesters in your major.

Concurrent Majors: Are you working on another major outside of the Smeal College of Business? View this site and discuss the application process with your academic adviser.

Minors at Smeal: You can apply for a Smeal Minor once you are in your major.   Be sure to see your adviser for details.

Minors at UP For non Smeal minors meet with the designated college adviser for that minor. Check with your Smeal adviser to make sure that your major department will accept a non-Smeal minor.

Transfer Credits If you are planning to take classes at another University or College over the summer you will need to know if they can be transferred.  Ask your adviser to make sure that the credits will count toward graduation.

Do you need information on Internships or Co-ops?
Internship/Co-op Details
This site includes information on securing an internship and SmealConnect.
Additional help for securing an Internship or Co-op.

Are you interested in studying abroad?
Education Abroad Links Information on when, how and where to apply for study abroad programs can be found on this site.

Other helpful resources on housing, upcoming events, and networking opportunities:

Smeal Students Site gives information on all of the majors, entrance to major requirements, academics and the many opportunities for business students while attending University Park.

The Student Affairs website will help you navigate University Park for student housing, clubs on campus , career services, and the health center, etc.

Networking and leadership opportunities abound in student organizations! Join one at Smeal!

Diversity Enhancement and Resources: http://students.smeal.psu.edu/advising/diversity-enhancement-program and equity.psu.edu/mrc.

The University has a Change of Location website that will assist you with moving to University Park.  Information can be found on student services, student aid, and other important resources.

Find more information on Facebook: Smeal Campus Transitions