Concurrent Majors

Concurrent major information

Students may be approved for admission to more than one major under the Concurrent Majors Program where students take courses to meet the requirements of at least two majors. Graduation for all majors in the concurrent program occur during the same semester. The concurrent majors must be all at the same (baccalaureate) degree level.

Criteria and Requirements

Students requesting more than one major program shall, for each major, meet the same acceptance standards and graduation requirements as met by all other students. Based on Faculty Senate Policy 60-00 and due to enrollment control standards placed upon all Smeal majors, there are special criteria and restrictions within Smeal for enrolling in the Concurrent Majors Program. The combination of University standards and Smeal College criteria include:

  • Due to enrollment controls and similarities in the Smeal curriculum, students are not permitted to enroll in more than one Smeal major.
  • At the time of entry to major, not more than one of the candidate’s majors may be under administrative enrollment control (Senate Policy 60-10). 
  • For this reason, students interested in a Smeal major must be originally enrolled in a Smeal major (current college) and seeking a concurrent major in another Penn State college (proposed concurrent college).
  • Approval for admission to each major must be obtained from the colleges and departments offering the majors.  Students should meet with their Smeal adviser.  Application to a Concurrent major is on LionPath under Update Academics.
  • Upon the completion of the Concurrent Majors Program, a candidate shall receive a diploma for each major.

For more information, please see Faculty Senate Policy 60-10.