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The sophomore year is full of questions: What major will I choose and how do I learn more about my options? Do I want to pursue a study abroad program for next year? What about an internship? Is the Early Junior Core right for me?

The links below are a guide to help you seek answers as you look into many of the opportunities of your sophomore year:

Choosing a Major - Be sure to attend The Big Event in January!

How to get into a Smeal Major - You must be in B A or DUS status.

How do I make an appointment to see my adviser? Be sure to bring your degree audit to your appointment.

How to Pull a Degree Audit when not Officially in a Major

Education Abroad Information

Information about Finding an Internship or Co-op

Thinking about Joining a Smeal Organization?

Apply for Scholarships

Diversity Enhancement and Resources

Schreyer Honors College Junior Admission