Change of Campus

Change of campus information

Change of Campus

Undergraduate degree-seeking students admitted to the University as a first-year student may begin at one of twenty Penn State campuses. All of these campuses generally provide the basic foundation courses required of first- and second-year students.

Permanent Change of Campus to University Park

Pre-major students in Smeal (BA) or the Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) who begin their academic career at a location other than University Park must be accepted into a Smeal major through the entrance-to-major process prior to applying for a permanent change of campus to University Park.  

The request for a permanent change of campus is a separate step that must be initiated by the student after receiving a conditional or permanent offer to a Smeal major.  Students will initiate this request using the Update Campus application found on the Student Center.

Under strict academic standards and rationale, students may request an early change of campus. These requests must first be approved by the student’s current campus.  Such requests are considered, but are tempered by instructional capacity.  Students should work with their academic advisor and campus representative to review criteria for changing prior to submitting their request in the Update Campus application.

Change of Campus from University Park to another Penn State Campus

Students at University Park who wish to relocate to another Penn State location must discuss this option with their adviser in the Smeal Undergraduate Advising Center, 202 Business Building (814-863-1947).