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Degree Requirements


As you explore the various business majors offered by the Smeal College of Business, you'll want to research the types of courses available to you. Once you have been accepted into a major you will need to understand the requirements and map out a plan for graduation.  While 'major GPA' isn't necessarily a metric Penn State uses, more information can be found here.

You may also want to add a business minor. If so, you should start by viewing our business majors requirements. It is important to work closely with your adviser as you develop your educational plan.  For the International Business minor, please note the following change:  beginning summer 2016 and thereafter, credits earned abroad at a non-PSU program will not be accepted toward any Smeal degree requirements including general education and electives.

The Smeal College requires that all upper division courses within the department sponsoring the major be completed in-residence at University Park under the instruction of Smeal College faculty. Upper division courses offered within the department sponsoring the major which are completed at other campuses or locations will not be credited toward completion of the major at the Smeal College. This may necessitate repeating certain courses.