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New Student Orientation

Students sign up for NSO once they have accepted their offer to Penn State and paid the initial bill from the registrar.  This occurs between April and May typically.  The actual event of NSO takes place throughout the summer.

Language and Math Placement

Students take the language and math placement online exams before attending NSO. Exams occur sometime over the summer.

Register for the First-Year Angel Site

Angel is Penn State’s Course Management System and is also the system used for students, faculty, and staff to create Web sites for clubs, organizations, and student groups. You will spend a great deal of time working with and in Angel, so we want to get you started early. Learn about and get signed up for the Smeal Class of 2014 Angel site.

First-Year Seminar (PSU006)

Most Smeal student take this course in their first semester. The course is designed to facilitate student's adjustment to the business school and college in general.

Smeal Student Mentors

All first-year students will be assigned a Smeal Student Mentor over the summer before they arrive on campus.  They should be meeting with their mentors throughout the first semester, but it is their responsibility to create those opportunities.

College Meeting

The College Meeting is held the day before classes begin every semester. For the students beginning in the fall and again the students from the summer, the fall college meeting is August 24, 2014, (a Sunday).

Welcome BBQ for first-year students hosted by the Smeal Student Mentors

The Welcome BBQ is held the first week of classes.  Be on the look out for an email announcing the date.

Involvement Fair

The Involvement Fair is held the first week of classes in the HUB where student organizations showcase information tables.  First-year students should attend this event to find out more information on clubs and organizations.

Snack and Schedule

The Snack and Schedule will be held during October in time for First Year Student Registration.

Academic Adviser

Scheduling dates for first-year students are fast approaching; make sure to schedule an appointment with your academic adviser.

Big Event

Faculty members from the seven Smeal majors present and have information tables.  Smeal Student Organizations also host information tables. The Big Event is a great place for first-and second-year students to learn more about the Smeal majors.