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Australia & New Zealand

Many locations in New Zealand and in Australia qualify for Penn State's International Business Minor.

There are cultural lessons to be learned in these countries, down under. New Zealand, the home of extreme sports, has a history of environmental protection due to the values of the indigenous Maori people.

Programs in Australia and New Zealand
Program Sponsor University/Program                        
Semester Offered
Brisbane Arcadia: Brisbane, University of Queensland Fa/Sp/Yr
Melbourne Melbourne: Monash University Fa/Sp/Yr
Melbourne: University of Melbourne Fa/Sp/Yr
Sydney IES: Sydney, The University of Sydney Fa/Sp/Yr
Sydney: University of New South Wales Fa/Sp/Yr
Sydney and 15 other locations outside Australia

CIEE: Open Campus - Students choose two or three academic blocks, which are 6 weeks in length, in one or more of the locations offered. Not all city combinations are possible, use the CIEE "Design Your Study Abroad Experience" tool to learn more.

IB Minor by Petition Only. Please reach out to Vanessa Hausmann () to discuss.

New Zealand
Auckland Auckland: University of Auckland Fa/Sp/Yr
Hamilton Hamilton: University of Waikato Fa/Sp/Yr
Wellington Wellington: Victoria University of Wellington Fa/Sp/Yr