Re-enrollment information for Smeal College of Business

Re-enrollment allows a former Penn State degree candidate who has interrupted continuous enrollment to resume degree candidacy. If a student was previously dropped from degree status due to poor scholarship, reinstatement is also needed prior to submitting a request for re-enrollment. For students who had a GPA below 2.00 and who have not been enrolled for a period of four years or more years, academic renewal may be an option.


Re-enrollment is based upon University Policy 58-00 which allows former degree candidates to resume degree candidacy. Students are eligible for re-enrollment if they are in good standing (GPA of 2.00 or higher) and:

  • Withdrew from the University while in good standing
  • Interrupted continuous degree enrollment during the fall or spring semester
  • Cancel a leave of absence
  • Return for graduation

Students who left in good standing and who are re-enrolling into their previous major (providing the major is not controlled and is currently offered) will be approved to re-enroll. Students in pre-major status and those who were enrolled in a controlled major and students wanting to re-enroll into a discontinued major should contact the Smeal College Advising Center at 814-863-1947 to discuss their eligibility and options.

Re-enrollment Process

  1. Complete the Re-enrollment Form and return it to the University Registrar's Office or at the campus you plan to enroll.
  2. A $20.00 re-enrollment fee is required to initiate the request.
  3. The University Registrar's Office notifies students of the decision regarding re-enrollment.

For detailed information regarding the Re-enrollment process, visit the University Registrar's Web site.

Re-enrollment For Graduation

If you are planning to graduate during the current semester and need to re-enroll, you must submit the re-enrollment for graduation form  to the Registrar’s Office; Fax: 814-863-1929

Returning from Academic Suspension

Per University policy 54-40, students are placed on academic suspension after earning a semester grade-point average of less than 2.00 while on academic warning.  Students on academic suspension may not enroll at the University or attend classes for two consecutive semesters (Note: Summer session is equal to one semester and includes all courses offered after Spring semester and before Fall semester). 

A student returning from academic suspension must apply for re-enrollment (see re-enrollment process above) and if the re-enrollment is approved, will return to the University in academic warning status, with the former cumulative grade-point average, and with a hold placed on the registration.  Students must meet with an academic adviser to develop a plan for academic recovery prior to the hold being lifted.

Students who have returned from academic suspension and do not achieve at least a 2.00 semester GPA, are subject to academic dismissal (54-50).

A student may apply for academic renewal four years after academic dismissal.

Academic Renewal

Academic renewal (University Policy 54-90) provides an opportunity for former students to resume their academic career without being penalized by their past academic record. As a result of Academic Renewal, the following outcomes apply:

  • Cumulative GPA starts over
  • Prior academic records remains unchanged on the official student transcript. A notation will be included that academic renewal was granted.
  • Total credits completed will be recalculated to include only courses with a grade of "C" or higher.

Eligibility Criteria for Academic Renewal in the Smeal College of Business

  • Minimum period of four years without enrolling in any Penn State credit courses.
  • Previous Cumulative GPA was less than a 2.00.
  • Students are eligible for enrolling in a Smeal College major based upon entrance-to-major requirements, minimum GPA, and semester enrollment standards.

Academic Renewal Process

  1. Complete an Academic Renewal Form and return it to the University Registrar's Office or at the campus you plan to enroll.
  2. Previous degree candidates apply for academic renewal before applying for re-enrollment.
  3. The University Registrar's Office notifies students of the decision regarding academic renewal.