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Supply Chain and Information Systems

The next time you shop, consider all the parties involved in filling empty retail shelves. First, there’s you, the consumer, and your need or desire for a particular product. Next is the retailer, which stocks its shelves with inventory delivered from a private warehouse or, possibly, a distribution center owned by a third party. The warehouse, in turn, is stocked by the manufacturer, which receives raw materials via various forms of transportation from a variety of suppliers. This is a supply chain—complicated, perhaps, but an integral part of business today.

By majoring in Supply Chain and Information Systems at Smeal, you will learn how to manage every aspect of the networks that businesses use to acquire, produce, and deliver goods and services all over the world—with special attention given to the role of information technology in synchronizing supply chains. Additionally, students learn how to think across the three dimensions that are so critical for success in tomorrow’s business environment: people, processes and information technology.

Supply Chain and Information Systems encompasses some of the largest employment sectors in the U.S. economy and offers advancement opportunities in countries around the world, along with excellent salaries. U.S. News and World Report Career Guide and Working Woman magazines have cited this area as a hot career track. Companies seeking students in this area represent: the services sector, which includes consulting, third-party logistics, transportation, warehousing, and retailing; the manufacturing sector, especially the computer, aerospace, pharmaceutical, electronics, petrochemical, auto, food, and consumer products industries; and the government sector, primarily at the federal and state levels.