Actuarial Science

Strong job placement rates, some of the highest starting salaries in business, and opportunities to work anywhere in the world. These are the prospects for actuaries—problem solvers who use mathematical modeling to determine and measure risk as a way of confronting business and social problems.

As an Actuarial Science major, you’ll take two years of math and statistics before beginning the Smeal course of study. Your courses will stress the application of mathematical and statistical concepts to the measurement of life and other contingencies, while at the same time giving you a broad understanding of the business environment. You will learn how to resolve complicated problems into clear and actionable solutions as you prepare for career possibilities in the insurance industry, consulting firms, and government.

You’ll be encouraged to take the first few of the series of professional exams leading to fellowship in either the Society of Actuaries or the Casualty Actuarial Society. Candidates who successfully complete these stringent examinations are usually in high demand.

An important part of the Smeal Actuarial Science curriculum is learning how to conceptualize mathematical and statistical concepts for clients. That means good communication skills and opportunities to hone those skills in the classroom. The student-run Actuarial Science Club is a great place to interact with others, build interpersonal skills, and learn about opportunities in the field.