Sapphire Leadership Program information at Smeal

The Sapphire Leadership Program provides a comprehensive opportunity for uniquely qualified students at the Smeal College of Business to enhance their college experience by focusing their drive and ambition to shape them into a future business leader.  The program fosters personal and professional success through meaningful contributions to community and society. 

Through a variety of components such as program cohorts, individualized Sapphire Faculty Adviser support, networking opportunities with alumni and corporate partners, and peer interaction and support, the Sapphire Leadership Program provides the flexibility to cater to each student's leadership interests and the structure to create a community in which students with similar values, goals, and abilities learn from and collaborate with each other.  As part of the programs core component, each student works with the Sapphire Faculty Adviser to design and complete a self-directed, multi-semester leadership project specifically tailored to his or her own interests that will synthesize learning from various components of the program and expand each student’s leadership heuristics. 

Members are also part of the Sapphire Leadership Council, which plans events such as company site visits, etiquette dinners, alumni networking, and various social activities.  Sapphire students consistently demonstrate not only excellence in academic performance, but a real commitment to full engagement in their academic careers and beyond. 

Please visit the Sapphire Leadership Program's web site for more information.