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First-Year Resources

Students sign up for New Student Orientation (NSO) once they have accepted their offer to Penn State and paid the initial bill from the registrar. This occurs between April and May typically. The actual event of NSO takes place throughout the summer.

Advising 101

Smeal Entrance to Major Sessions

            Learn in-depth about how to enter all Smeal majors; we will discuss the required courses, credit window and grade point averages, along with the timelines on how to enter a Smeal major.  You will leave this course an EXPERT on how to earn admittance to a major in the Smeal College of Business.


Tuesday October 20th, 2:00 pm – Register HERE


What-If and Academic Requirements Reports Sessions

            We will do a deep-dive into both the What-If Report and Academic Requirements Report and how to utilize both in your advising sessions and in creating your future schedules.  You will know where to find both, how to run both and the learning the vital differences between the two.


Thursday October 22nd, 1:00 pm – Register HERE


Tips and Scheduling Tricks Sessions

            This interactive session will teach you how to be a master when it comes to scheduling.  We will review LionPATH tricks, how to strategically wait-list and swap courses and learn about the do’s and do not’s of advising sessions. 


Tuesday August 18th, 2:00 pm – Register HERE

Friday October 23rd, 11:00 am – Register HERE

New Student Orientation (NSO)

Students sign up for NSO once they have accepted their offer to Penn State and paid the initial bill from the registrar.  This occurs between April and May typically.  The actual event of NSO takes place throughout the summer.

LEAP (the Learning Edge Academic Program)

LEAP students take two courses together in groups of 24 that are reserved exclusively for first-year students, live together in the same dormitory area, and have an upper class student mentor to guide them through their first semester.

Language and Math Placement

Students need to take these online exams before they attend NSO, sometime over the summer.

First year Seminar  (PSU 6)

Students register for this course over the summer. It will take place in the first semester (second semester at the latest).

Smeal Student Mentors

All first-year students will be assigned a Smeal Student Mentor over the summer before they arrive on campus. They should be meeting with their mentors throughout the first semester, but it is their responsibility to create those opportunities.

College Meeting

Held the day before classes begin every semester. The Dean greet and his staff greet new first year students to review expectations.

Welcome Picnic for 1st Year Students

Hosted by the Smeal Student Mentors, this event is held within the first few weeks of classes.  Be on the lookout for an email from your student mentor.

Involvement Days

This event is held the first week of classes in the HUB. Student organizations set up information tables.  First-year students should attend this event to find out more information on clubs and organizations that they might be interested in joining.

Snack and Schedule

The Snack and Schedule is held in October of every year.  It is an opportunity for first year students to meet with their mentors and talk about their Spring schedules.

Academic Adviser

Scheduling dates for first year students are fast approaching, make sure to schedule an appointment with your academic adviser soon.  Visit http://ugstudents.smeal.psu.edu and click on "Adviser Scheduling".

Explore Smeal

Faculty members from the Smeal majors present and have information tables.  Smeal Student Organizations also host information tables. The Explore Smeal is a great place for first- and second-year students to learn more about the Smeal majors.