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Upcoming Student Organization Events

This page will include upcoming Penn State Smeal College of Business student organiztion events.

'Find Your Why' 

Thursday October 5th at 5pm 

Business Room 208

Are you a first year or still trying to figure out what path to choose? Made popular by Simon Sinek, your Why is what drives you to do things in life and can influence your professional direction and personal growth. It’s like a compass that provides direction vs. just getting in a ship and sailing without a sense of where you are going. Your Why offers structure for value and worth as you journey toward something. Knowing your Why can add meaning, confidence, or a new perspective. It serves as a filter or lens through which to make decisions. Come to the Find Your Why Seminar and talk through this as you find your personal mission. I look forward to guiding you as you start your journey!

For more information or questions please reach out to Becky Winge raw5960@psu.edu