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Competition Format

Format for the Smeal Case Competition sponsored by Kohl's

Team Composition

  • Each team will be comprised of four currently enrolled undergraduate students
  • Student must be enrolled in the Smeal College of  Business in a major or pre-major status
  • It is recommended that you have no more than two students from the same business major
  • Multi-disciplinary teams will receive preference in the team selection process
  • Once teams are selected, no team member substitutions will be permitted (with the exception of emergencies)

Case Analysis

  • Each team will be given 24 hours to devise a solution for a business case
  • Teams may not consult with non-team members during preparation of the case analysis or on the day of competition (including faculty, advisors, staff, ambassadors, and fellow students)


  • The presentations can be a maximum of 20 minutes, immediately followed by a 10-minute Q&A period by the panel of three judges
  • Deliverables for the presentations include a one page Executive Summary and a Power Point presentation
  • There will be a preliminary round of presentations made by all 16 teams
  • Final presentations will consist of 4 finalist teams (the top scorer from each presentation group)
  • Written feedback from the judges will be provided to each team at the conclusion of the competition
  • Report to the assigned Ready Room at least 20 minutes before team presentation time