Penn State's summer study abroad programs accepted for the International Business Minor. Focus of programs may include combinations of business, language, culture and more.


These summer programs provide for a rich learning experience, whether you wish to improve your language skills, gain a better understanding of a particular region, experience the business environment of another country, or all of the above. Most summer study abroad programs charge all students the in-state tuition rate. All the programs listed below are eligible for the International Business Minor. 

IB minor eligible summer programs must be a minimum of 6 weeks in duration and offer 6 credits. Smeal students may attend any PSU study abroad program, including ones not found on this list. Search Penn State Global Programs to view all PSU approved summer programs.

MAYMESTER and other Short Term International Study are 1 to 3 week programs. They do not satisfy the study abroad requirement of the International Business Minor, but ask our office whether they could be used in another way...

Summer 2021 application deadline is February 15.

 *Penn State Faculty-led Program

**Smeal Faculty-led Program (open to all Penn State students)

 The starting date is when participants should arrive. Departure from the USA may be the previous day.

--Summer 2021--

Due to COVID-19 regulations, all education abroad programs have been cancelled through spring of 2021. Though the University has hopes to resume programming and travel, future travel is subject to University approval, dates are subject to change, and programming may be altered or cancelled due to changing circumstances.

IB Minor Approved Summer Study Abroad Programs

Programs Scheduled for 2021

Denmark / Sweden
Copenhagen / Stockholm DIS: Summer in Scandinavia (Summer) (MUST attend sessions 1 & 2 or 2 & 3 in one summer for the IB Minor. May not take Practicum course for IB minor unless participating in all 3 sessions.)    6-10 credits
Many great course options in English. Some sessions include study tour components. Students can study in Copenhagen or Stockholm or both.
May 25 - July 3, 2021 OR
June 14 - July 31, 2021
Aix-en-Provence IAU College: Aix-en-Provence, Summer in Aix (Summer) 6-9 credits
Interesting range of courses taught in English with field trips in and around Provence.
June 5 - July 18, 2021
*Besançon SUSPENDED SU21: *Besançon, France: Intensive French Language and Cultural Immersion (Summer) 7 credits
Faculty-led program with PSU French Dept professor, full French immersion, requires previous study of French
Suspended for Summer 2021.
Berlin SUSPENDED SU21: IES: Berlin, Language and Culture (Summer) 6-9 credits
Take one German language course plus one elective in English or German.
Suspended for Summer 2021.
*Athens SUSPENDED SU21: *Athens, Greece: Ancient Gods, Modern Culture, and the Psychology of Religious Belief (Summer) 6 credits - PSYCH 100 pre-requisite
Faculty-led program with PSU Fayette professor, earn 6 credits of PSYCH courses
May 15 - June 27, 2021
Florence Florence: International Studies Institute (ISI) at Palazzo Rucellai (Summer) 6 credits
Wide range of interesting courses taught in English. Field trips in and around Florence area.
** NEW DATES for 2021
June 16 - July 31, 2021
Tokyo SUSPENDED SU21: IES: Tokyo (Summer) 6 credits
Japanese language courses
Suspended Summer 2021.
Korea, South
Seoul CIEE: Seoul, Korean Studies (Summer) 6-9 credits
Students take classes at Yonsei University with other international students. Many interesting course options in English.
June 22 - August 8, 2021
Madrid SUSPENDED SU21: IES: Madrid (Summer) 6 credits
Courses offered only in Spanish
Suspended Summer 2021.
Seville CIEE: Seville, Language and Culture (Summer) (MUST attend at least 2 of the 4-week sessions in one summer for the IB Minor) 6-9 credits
Courses offered in both English and Spanish
May 17 – July 12, 2021 OR 
June 14 – Aug 7, 2021
*Ronda SUSPENDED SU21: *Ronda, Spain: Spanish Language and Culture (Summer) 9 credits
Faculty-led program with PSU Spanish Dept professor, full Spanish immersion, spots limited.
Suspended Summer 2021.
United Kingdom
Brighton Brighton: University of Sussex (Summer) (Must attend both sessions in one summer for the IB Minor)  8 credits
Take courses with international students from all over the world in Brighton, about 1 hr south of London.
June 28 - August 6, 2021

Programs Suspended for 2021 (but hope to resume in 2022)

Buenos Aires IES: Buenos Aires, Language and Argentine Studies (Summer) 7 credits Suspended 2021

CIEE: Shanghai (Summer)
   - Business and Culture track, 6-9 credits (Must attend at least 2 of the 4-week sessions in one summer for the IB Minor)
   - Accelerated Chinese Language, 10 credits

Suspended 2021
Czech Republic

Smeal Faculty-led Program
**Brno, Czech Republic: CzechMates: Exploring Business in Eastern Europe (Summer) (includes travel to multiple countries) New Program! ** 6 credits

Suspended 2021

Smeal Faculty-led Program
**Florence, Italy: The World of Business and Italian Culture, Dept BUS (Summer)  6 credits

Suspended 2021
Reggio Calabria *Reggio Calabria, Italy: Language and Culture (Summer) 7 credits Suspended 2021
*Todi *Todi, Italy: Italian Language, Art History, and Culture (Summer) 8-9 credits Suspended 2021

CIEE: Amman
   - Middle East Studies (Summer) (Must attend both sessions in one summer for the IB minor) 6-8 credits
   - Arabic Language (Summer) 7 credits

Suspended 2021
*Puebla *Puebla, Mexico: Spanish Language and Mexican Culture (Summer)  9 credits Suspended 2021
*Lima *Lima, Peru: Cross-cultural Engagement (Summer) 6 credits   Suspended 2021
St. Petersburg CIEE: St. Petersburg (Summer)
   - Russian Area Studies track, 6-9 credits (Must attend at least 2 of the 4-week sessions in one summer for the IB Minor)
   - Russian Language, 10 credits
Suspended 2021
*Mang'ula *Mang'ula, Tanzania: Parks and People: Landscape Architecture (Summer) 9 credits details Suspended 2021


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