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Legal Environment of Business Minor (LEBUS) for students in the minor by Spring 2012 or prior.

Legal Environment of Business Minor (LEBUS) and application. Includes courses on statutory & common law governing business environment, agency law, employment law, property law, debtor-creditor law, bankruptcy, intellectual property law and environmental law.

Department of Risk Management

Entrance Requirement for the LEBUS Minor: All students applying for entrance to the LEBUS minor must be enrolled in a University major and have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.15 or higher at the time of application.


Business decision makers face an increasing complex legal and regulatory environment. Knowledge of the legal landscape can prevent serious and often costly mistakes. Moreover, such knowledge can help guide a business person to more efficient operations and marketplace opportunities. The Legal Environment of Business (LEBUS) minor presents students with a structured study of the statutory and common law governing the business environment in a number of key fields. Students in this program have the opportunity to learn advanced legal subject matter, including business organizational structures, agency law, employment law, property law, the Uniform Commercial Code, debtor-creditor law (including bankruptcy), intellectual property law, environmental law, and government regulation.

A minimum of 23-26 credits is required with at least six credits at the 400 level. A grade of "C" of higher is required for courses.

  1. Take the following Accounting and Economics courses (10 credits)
  • ACCTG 211 (4) – Financial and Managerial Accounting for Decision Making
  • ECON 102 (3) – Introductory Microeconomic Analysis and Policy
  • ECON 104 (3) – Introductory Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy
  • Select one of the following Finance courses (2-3 credits)
    • B A 301 (2) – Finance
    • FIN 100 (3) – Introduction to Finance
    • FIN 301 (3) – Corporation Finance
  • Select one of the following foundation Business Law course options (2-4 credits)
    • B LAW 341 (3) – Business Law I: Introduction to Contracts, Liability Issues, and Intellectual Property
    • B A 241 (2) – Legal Environment of Business
    • B A 243 (4) – Social, Legal, and Ethical Environment of Business
    • B LAW 243 – (3) Legal Environment of Business
  • Take the following Business Law course (3 credits)
    • B LAW 441 (3) – Business Law II: Agency, Employment, and Business Structure
    • (or its predecessor course B LAW 346 (3))
  • Select courses totaling six credits from the following with at least 3 credits in B LAW (6 credits)
    • B LAW (R M) 424 (3) –  Real Estate Law
    • B LAW (R M) 425 (3) – Business and Environmental Regulation
    • B LAW 444 (3) – Advanced UCC and Commercial Transactions
    • * B LAW 445 (3) Intellectual Property and Competition Law OR
    • * IST 432 (3) Legal and Regulatory Environment of Information Science and Technology
    • LER 401 (3) The Law of Labor-Management Relations
    • B LAW 446 (3) – Employment Law

    * NOTE: A student may not count both B LAW 445 and IST 432 toward the LEBUS minor.

    Please Note: Due to high demand and alternate semester course offerings, enrollment in 400 level Business Law courses is limited. Students must carefully plan their course schedules in advance and be flexible according to course offerings. No exceptions to course requirements will be granted.