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Current Organizational Resources

As a member of a recognized Smeal student organization, you have access to a wide variety of resources that can be used for the development of your group.  This portion of the site will detail the options available to you, and it will also outline some of the rules and regulations in place to help govern your organization.  Here you will find information pertaining to the following:

  • Smeal Student Organization Handbook - This document provides the complete outline of benefits afforded to Smeal organizations as well as the requirements needed to remain in good standing.  It also contains a reference page featuring important policies set forth by the Office of Student Activities and the university itself.
  • Space and Equipment Request Form - Use this form to request rooms, equipment, and technical support in the Business Building and other areas of campus.  In order to have your request properly considered and to ensure the best probability of being granted a request, please be as descriptive as possible when completing the online form.
  • Food Waiver Form - Use this form if your organization will be hosting an event and/or meeting at which food will be served. Be as specific as possible when filling out the Food Waiver Form. The Food Waiver form must be submitted to the Student Organization Manager two weeks prior to the meeting/event.
  • Smeal Student Organization Alumni Advisor Program - Is your organization looking for varying perspectives as you strive to accomplish your goals for the year?  You may be able to find assistance among the many successful Smeal alumni that are looking to help current students succeed.  Check out the link on the left to see if this mutually beneficial program might be a good fit for your organization.
  • Request a Speaker for a Meeting or Event - Does your organization have a meeting or event planned that could be enhanced with the presence of a corporate recruiter or alumni speaker?  Our staff can help connect you with interested parties or quality fits for your particular proposal.  Explore the form at the link to the left to determine what might be available.

NOTE: All interactions with professionals can carry with them potential networking opportunities.  Noting that, it's important to realize that not all interactions are the same.  If your organization wants to make inroads with a company for recruiting purposes, it's important to note that in your application.  If you would like to hear from an executive or strategy leader on a particular topic, that can also be facilitated.  However, it should be realized that the latter type speaker may not be visiting with a recruiting agenda.  The more detail that you can provide in the application the greater the ability of staff to find a quality match.