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What to do BEFORE You Arrive

LionPATH tutorial page

On your NSO days you will have a lot of information to absorb. It is important to plan ahead and complete the postcard checklist for a productive NSO day.

For Students Taking Summer Courses as Well as Fall Courses:

Please review the videos below, so that you will prepared to schedule. You will also need to understand how to use LionPATH for your Fall schedule.

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With all the information there is to learn, the more you understand before you arrive, the easier it will be for you to do what it takes to get a good schedule. You should review the LionPATH tutorial on using the schedule builder as this is how you will be adding courses to your schedule for FALL 2016. For those of you who wish to have a broad range of understanding of how to use LionPATH, please visit http://lionpathsupport.psu.edu/help/undergraduateparent/.

Placement Tests

It is really important you take the NSO placement test. If you don't have a graphing calculator for the Math placement test, TAKE THE NON-CALCULATOR VERSION! If you have questions about the test, please contact the New Student Orientation Office (NSO) for information.

AP/Transfer Credit

If you took AP courses in high school and took the AP exams, or if you took college courses while a high school student, it is possible that you may receive Penn State credit before you even step foot into your first course. Having that information on your NSO day will help us help you figure out what to schedule.

Checklist for NSO Day

  • Gather AP Credit Info (print and bring any related documents)
  • Gather transfer course info (print and bring any related documents)
  • Take NSO Placement Test
  • Review LionPATH