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Academic Advising In Smeal

Professional Academic Advisers

When you enter the Smeal College, you are assigned an academic adviser. We believe very strongly in a four-year model of advising, so you will ideally have the same assigned adviser until you graduate with your degree in business.

But while we are here to help and provide you with information about courses, majors, etc.; in the end, the classes you select and the decisions you make are yours and yours alone.

Faculty Advisers

Once you enter your major (after your sophomore year), you will also be assigned a faculty adviser. This person can help you understand which classes in your major may be best to take, where you can go with your degree, and what internships and activities you should be looking for while you are pursuing your degree.

Smeal Student Mentors

The Smeal Student Mentors are upper-division students who have chosen to dedicate some of their time to you! You will be assigned a student mentor before you arrive for the semester, and they will help you get adjusted to University Park and Smeal.

Contact Us

Smeal Advising Center
202 Business Building
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802


Don't Forget
  • Meet with your Smeal academic advisor at least once a semester, they can help...
  • Contact your Smeal student mentor when you arrive to begin your semester.