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Smeal Global Representatives

Smeal Global Representatives are returned study abroad students and international students who have a deep appreciation for their cross-cultural experience and would like to encourage others to go abroad. Their stories, advice, and cultural insight are an invaluable resource for prospective study abroad students.

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There are over 30 Smeal Global Representatives who are available to answer any questions you might have about their experiences with study abroad in general and the specifics of their programs. Don't be shy -- reach out to them with questions you might have about what it's like to live, study and travel during a semester abroad!

Smeal International Programs Newsletters - Another resource available to you are stories by Smeal students which were published in newsletter format between 2009-2013. You are welcome to peruse them and find out more about their fascinating experiences abroad. 

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Country/City2017-2018 RepresentativesImage
South Africa

Jeffrey Singer
CIEE: Cape Town, Arts and Sciences

While on a trip through the garden route in South Africa, I jumped off of the highest bungee jump in the world!

Jeffrey Singer is a Smeal Global Representative that traveled to South Africa.
The Americas

Lauren Giavedoni
IES Buenos Aires, Language and Argentine Studies (Summer)

During a bike ride vineyard tour in Mendoza my friend almost got hit by our van! I also visited Uruguay during my trip. 

Lauren Giavedoni was a Smeal Global Representative in Argentina.
Brazil & Mexico

Ligia Guerrero
International student from Brazil and Mexico

It is called Brasil in Portuguese, the official language spoken in Brazil.

Ligia Guerrero was a Smeal Global Representative in Mexico and Brazil.

Mahala Meinen
SCIS major & Spanish major

IES: Santiago Internship Program, Summer 2017
  (will be abroad in Alicante, Spain during Spring 2018)

I did an internship while living in Santiago for 2 months with a host family.

Portrait of Mahala Meinen.

Yuruo Chen
Finance major

Chinese University of Hong Kong, Spring 2017
International student from China


Jiaman (Wendy) Li
Marketing major

International student from China

Portrait of Jiaman Li.

Jiaqin (Starry) Lai
SC&IS major

International student from China

Travelled to 12 countries and counting.... Here is a picture of me and Mcdonalds in Thailand from this summer. I was the first and only non-American varsity cheerleader in high school, and I still don't understand a bit of football now.

Portrait of Jiaqin Lai.

Yangguang (Constance) Yin
Accounting major

International student from China
Summer study abroad in Moscow, Russia
IES: Rome, Language and Area Studies in Spring 2018

In Moscow, Russia, we cooked traditional Russian meals together. They looked bad but tasted great!


Anushka Kapur
International student from India

Started the girls soccer programme in my high school. I was one of the first few girls who introduced the sport for girls in my high school.

Anushka Kapur is a Smeal Global Representative that traveled to India.

Seth Nishiyama
IES: Tokyo (Summer 2016)

I was a vegetarian before I studied abroad, but I started eating meat because the local cuisine looked too good.

Seth Nishimaya is a Smeal Global Representative that traveled to Japan.

Chiraag Ramchandani
Business major

International student from Singapore and Malaysia

I have been to every country in South East Asia!

South Korea

Sungwook Park
Accounting major

International student from South Korea


Prair Tapvong
International student from Thailand

In Thailand we’re famous for riding on elephants. However, I have never ridden one!


Cuong Mai
Finance major

International student from Vietnam

Kid of many cultures. I grew up in Vietnam, studied high school in Singapore and finally moved to the US for college. I've been to 9 different countries and liked every single one of them. Love eating spicy food and pretty desserts!

Portrait of Cuong Mai.
New Zealand
New Zealand

Maria Carroll
Supply Chain major

Victoria University of Wellington, Spring 2017

On one of my many road trips down to the South Island of New Zealand, me and a few friends decided to jump off a bridge and bungee jump for the first time. It was incredible.

Portrait of Maria Carroll.
New Zealand

Caroline Gelgot
Marketing major

Victoria University of Wellington, Fall 2017
  (also Ronda, Spain in Summer 2017)

I went skydiving in Queenstown during my two week road trip around the South Island!

Portrait of Caroline Gelgot.

Global Institutes


Jenny Ho
Finance major

CIEE Global Institutes: Rome, London, Berlin, Spring 2017

I practically "ate my way through Europe" and gained 20 pounds over the course of 19 weeks and also met Daniel Radcliffe while I was studying abroad in London! :-)

Portrait of Jenny Ho.

Global Institutes

Ryan O'Leary
SC&IS major

CIEE Global Institutes: London, Berlin and Rome, Spring 2017

Interviewed and got hired for an internship at Amazon while studying in Berlin

Global Institutes

Nadya Spotts
Accounting major

CIEE Global Institutes: Rome, Spring 2017

I visited 6 countries and 25 cities/towns during my 12 week program. Also, I think I tried every gelato place in Rome, having some each of my last 15 days!

Portrait of Nadya Spotts.

Rui Peng
SC&IS major

Aix en Provence, France: Business at IAU College, Summer 2017

In France, people take their dogs everywhere and they are allowed in most shops and restaurants!

Portrait of Rui Peng.

Katherine Seel
Marketing major

IES: Paris, Business and International Affairs, Spring 2017

I went to a cooking class and learned how to make chocolate cake and a croque monsieur. We got to eat it right after as well.

Portrait of Katherine Seel.

Michael Shildt
Accounting major & Integrated MAcc

IES: Freiburg, European Union Program, Spring 2015


Zhiruo Wang
Accounting Major & Computational Statistics Major

Pforzheim University Business Program, Summer 2017

Heidelberg is one of the nicest places in Germany.

Portrait of Zhiruo Wang.

Yue Lan
Accounting major

Pforzheim University Business Program, Summer 2017
International student from China

Ride on every rollercoaster in Europapark. Taste the best Currywurst. Enjoy the hot spring in Friedrichsbad. And don't forget to have a beer at the Brauhaus!

Portrait of Yue Lan.

Maria Diamanti
International student from Greece

Greece is the sunniest country in Europe.

Maria Diamanti was a Smeal Global Representative in Greece.

Madeline Sherwood
Risk Management major

CIEE: Budapest, Central European Studies, Spring 2017

I visited 14 different countries during my time abroad!

Portrait of Madeline Sherwood.

Emma Spear
Marketing major

IES: Dublin, Irish Studies, Spring 2017

I went to Dublin, Ireland with IES and had the best time! I was able to travel through Ireland and Europe over my time there. My family came to visit at the end of the semester and we were able to trace our family history back to the original island where my ancestors are from called Achill Island. Today, Achill Island has more sheep than people!

Portrait of Emma Spear.


Jillian Welch

Florence: The World of Business and Italian Culture (Flair and Finesse in Florence) Summer 2016

My art class took a field trip every class to the famous art pieces we were studying so I really looked forward to waking up and going to class every day!

Jillian Welch is a Smeal Global Representative that traveled to Italy.


Zihan Dong

Reggio Calabria: Language and Culture, Summer 2016

International student from China; Minor in Italian; Engaged in Asian music club. It’s very interesting to see there are many things in common between Chinese culture and Italian culture!

Zihan Dong was a Smeal Global Representative in Italy.

Alex Tanabe

Todi: Italian Language, Art History, Culture, Summer 2016

While I was on my study abroad, my host family’s wifi went out while I was trying to get my Penn State football tickets and I had a panic attack, but I ultimately got the tickets.

Alex Tanabe is a Smeal Global Representative that traveled to Italy.


Bernarda Jarrin
CIENT major

Florence, Italy: Flair and Finesse in Florence, Summer 2017
International student from Ecuador

During my time abroad I could visit more than 6 cities throughout Italy.

Portrait of Bernarda Jarrin.


Ting Chuang
SC&IS major & Psychology major 

IES: Rome, Language and Area Studies, Spring 2016
International Student from Taiwan

There is a church around every corner, and every single one is very pretty. You can see the Pope! Try to get lost in Rome.

Ting Chaung was a Smeal Global Representative in Italy.

Corey Kirk
Finance major

IES: Rome, Language and Area Studies, Spring 2017

I traveled to 12 different countries during my semester abroad in Rome.

Portrait of Corey Kirk.


Rachel Carl
SC&IS major

ISI Florence, Spring 2017

I became friends with an old Italian baker who only spoke Italian (great practice) and am still in communication with him through Facebook today!

Portrait of Rachel Carl.


Nicole Sullivan
Marketing major

Temple: Rome, Spring 2017

When in Rome, I met Italians my age all of the time! Once a group of them came over to our flat, made us homemade authentic pasta carbonara, and we salsa danced in my kitchen.

Portrait of Nicole Sullivan.


Kevin Shue
SC&IS major

IES: Milan, Italy Today, Spring 2017

On top of taking classes abroad, I also had an internship. I worked for a consumer goods start-up in Milan. I am glad that I took this opportunity because it allowed me to get further immersed into the Italian culture, as well as get international work experience before I even graduated.

Portrait of Kevin Shue.

Travis Holtzinger
Accounting major & Integrated MAcc

Center for European Studies: University of Maastricht, Spring 2016

I ate a stroopwaffel every day!


Angela Sladek
CES: Maastricht, Doing Business in the European Union (Summer)

I loved studying in Maastricht because of its small size. There were very few tourists which made it easier to immerse myself into the culture.

Angela Sladek is a Smeal Global Representative that traveled to Netherlands.

Kate Diveny
Finance major

Maastricht: Doing Business in the European Union at CES, Summer 2017

During my six weeks abroad I was able to visit seven different countries.

Portrait of Kate Diveny.

Jenner Stunkard
Business pre-major

Maastricht: Doing Business in the European Union at CES, Summer 2017

I visited 18 cities in 9 different countries in the span of 8 weeks, including seeing many international business headquarters including Google in London, Deloitte in Amsterdam and others!

Portrait of Jenner Stunkard.

Nicholas White

SC&IS major

Maastricht: Doing Business in the European Union at CES, Summer 2017

Maastricht is an incredible little city in the south of the Netherlands with lots to do and great people. The 3-week Western Europe Study Tour was a really great way of packing a ton of cultural experiences into such a short trip. Reach out if you have any questions or want to know more about my time abroad!

Portrait of Nicholas White.

Aurelia Meijer
International student from the Netherlands

Abroad with CIEE Global Institutes in Spring 2018


Caroline Gelgot
Marketing major

Ronda, Spain: Spanish Language and Culture, Summer 2017
  (also Wellington, New Zealand Fall 2017)

I lived with a host mom who didn't speak any English, and I got to travel to 10 different Spanish cities!

Portrait of Caroline Gelgot.

Stephanie Porreca
Marketing major

IES: Barcelona, Liberal Arts and Business, Spring 2017

I had an internship during my study abroad, and I worked with people from 7 different countries that all spoke different languages.

Portrait of Stephanie Porreca.

Emma Rosensteel
Finance major

IES: Salamanca, Study in Salamanca, Spring 2017

Salamanca is one of the cities in Spain most rich in culture and history. While I was there, the University of Salamanca was coming up on its 800 year anniversary.

Portrait of Emma Rosensteel.

Nicole Delfini
SC&IS major

CIEE: Palma de Mallorca, Business and Tourism, Spring 2017

My host mom was a professional chef. Sometimes I had no idea what I was eating, but it was good!!

Portrait of Nicole Delfini.

Allison Mielke
Finance major

CIEE: Seville, International Business and Culture, Spring 2017

For the last two months of my study abroad, I only went to Spanish beaches.

Portrait of Allison Mielke.

Jake Goldberg
Risk Management major

CIEE: Seville, International Business and Culture, Spring 2017

I almost fell off a cliff formerly referred to as "The end of the world" throughout Europe

Portrait of Jake Goldberg.

Lily Schenkel
Marketing major

CIEE: Alicante, Language in Context, Spring 2017

When my host mom was complimenting my wet hair, I told her "mi pelo está llorando". Little did I know that means my hair is crying.

Portrait of Lily Schenkel.
United Kingdom

Cindy Achmad
Accounting major

Arcadia: London, University of Westminster, Spring 2017

During my spring break in Greece, I decided to jump off of the tour boat and into the ocean. I can't swim very well and got a foot cramp halfway through. Good thing my friends were around since they had to drag me to shore!

Portrait of Cindy Achmad.
United Kingdom

Raychel Johnson
Marketing major

IES: London, Study London, Spring 2017

A group of my friends and I got tickets to see the England national soccer team play during one of our last weeks abroad. It was a World Cup qualifier match at Wembley Stadium. Our seats ended up being about 20 rows up from one of the corners of the stadium which made the experience even better! Getting to spend a day with some of my closest friends at an England soccer match was one of the highlights of my time in London!

Portrait of Raychel Johnson.
United Kingdom

Ta Chun (Dustin) Lin
Finance major

IES: London, University College London, Academic Year 2016-2017
International student from Taiwan

I did not know it was that convenient and easy to travel within Europe. I was fortunate enough to visit a different city every other week, definitely recommend studying abroad if you like to travel like me.

Portrait of Dustin Lin.
International Internships

Taylor Sinclair
IES Dublin Summer Internship

The bikers share a lane with the buses in Dublin – scary!

Taylor Sinclair is a Smeal Global Representative that traveled to Dublin.

Mahala Meinen
SCIS major & Spanish major

IES: Santiago Internship Program, Summer 2017
  (will be abroad in Alicante, Spain during Spring 2018 also)

I did an internship while living in Santiago for 2 months with a host family.

Portrait of Mahala Meinen.
United Kingdom

Derek Snyder
CIENT major

Arcadia: London Internship Program, Summer 2017

I hung out with the Speaker of the House of Commons at Wimbledon.