The Americas

Students can study abroad with Penn State in North or South America at locations that include Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago and Venezuela.

Study the vibrant culture and economic perspectives of our southern neighbors in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Programs in the Americas
Country/CityProgram Sponsor University/ProgramSemester Offered
Buenos Aires & Santiago, Chile IES: Buenos Aires and Santiago, Emerging Economies Fa/Sp
Buenos Aires IES: Buenos Aires, Latin American Societies and Cultures Fa/Sp/Yr
IES: Buenos Aires, Advanced Spanish Immersion Fa/Sp/Yr
Buenos Aires, Argentina & Santiago IES: Buenos Aires and Santiago, Emerging Economies Fa/Sp
Santiago IES: Santiago, Chile, Politics, Social Justice & Language Fa/Sp/Yr
Costa Rica
Atenas SFS: Costa Rica, Sustainable Development Studies Fa/Sp
Dominican Republic
Santiago CIEE: Santiago, Dominican Republic, Liberal Arts Fa/Sp/Yr
Quito Learning Abroad Center: Ecuador, Studies in International Development Fa/Sp