Spanish and Portuguese

Improve your Spanish or Portuguese language skills while studying abroad in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Spain or Venezuela.

Portugal and Brazil host the Portuguese programs, and Spanish is available in many countries. Students should pay careful attention to the level of Spanish required in each program in Argentina, Chile, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Spain and Venezuela.

Spanish and Portuguese Language Programs
Country/CityProgram Sponsor University/ProgramSemester Offered
Buenos Aires & Santiago, Chile IES: Buenos Aires and Santiago, Emerging Economies Fa/Sp
Buenos Aires IES: Buenos Aires, Latin American Societies and Cultures Fa/Sp/Yr
IES: Buenos Aires, Advanced Spanish Immersion Fa/Sp/Yr
Santiago & Buenos Aires, Argentina IES: Buenos Aires and Santiago, Emerging Economies Fa/Sp
Santiago IES: Santiago, Chile, Politics, Social Justice & Language Fa/Sp/Yr
Costa Rica
Atenas SFS: Costa Rica, Sustainable Development Studies Fa/Sp
Dominican Republic
Santiago CIEE: Santiago, Dominican Republic, Liberal Arts Fa/Sp/Yr
Quito Learning Abroad Center: Ecuador, Studies in International Development Fa/Sp

CIEE: Alicante


IES: Barcelona

This program is NOT eligible for the IB Minor Global Immersion Track. Smeal students may earn gen ed or elective credits. Go to Global Programs website to find program details and apply.

Granada IES: Granada, Study in Granada Fa/Sp/Yr
Madrid IES: Madrid, Business, Economics, and Social Sciences Fa/Sp
IES: Madrid, Language and Area Studies Fa/Sp/Yr
Salamanca IES: Salamanca, Study in Salamanca Fa/Sp/Yr

CIEE: Seville  See comparison to choose one of four tracks for the language level and course offerings that meet your academic goals.

-- International Business & Culture
-- Business & Society
-- Liberal Arts
-- Advanced Liberal Arts

Valencia Valencia: University of Virginia, Language and Culture Fa/Sp/Yr