French and German

Learn more French or German language skills at one of these study abroad programs in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany or Senegal in these Penn State sponsored programs.

French language programs are available in the French countryside and dynamic cities in France, Dakar, Senegal and Brussels, Belgium. Students may learn German in several programs in Germany, as well as advance their language skills in Vienna, Austria.

French and German Language Programs
Country/CityProgram Sponsor University/ProgramSemester Offered
Vienna IES: Vienna
-- European Society and Culture
-- Business, Economics & International Relations
Aix IAU College: Aix-en-Provence, School of Humanities and Social Sciences Fa/Sp/Yr
Montpellier Learning Abroad Center: France, Language and Culture in Southern France Fa/Sp/Yr
Paris IES: Paris, Business and International Affairs Fa/Sp
IES: Paris, French Studies Program Fa/Sp/Yr
Berlin IES: Berlin, Language & Area Studies Fa/Sp/Yr
IES: Berlin, Metropolitan Studies Fa/Sp

IES: Freiburg, European Union Program

Freiburg, University of Freiburg Yr/Sp
Marburg Marburg: Philipps University, International Undergraduate Study Program Fa/Sp/Yr
Marburg: Philipps University, Intensive German Studies Program Sp
Rabat IES: Rabat, Study in Rabat Fa/Sp/Yr
Dakar Learning Abroad Center: Senegal, Studies in International Development Fa/Sp/Yr