Penn State's European Union market destinations for education abroad include Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The Smeal Office of International Programs will not accept ISI Florence (fall, spring) or IES: Barcelona, Liberal Arts & Business for the International Business Minor.

Programs in Europe
Country/CityProgram Sponsor University/ProgramSemester Offered
Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, London, Madrid, Paris, Rome,  CIEE: Open Campus - select up to 3 cities from PSU-approved locations. Same city for 3 blocks possible. Not all city combinations are possible, use the CIEE "Design Your Study Abroad Experience" tool to learn more. Fa/Sp

IES: Vienna
-- European Society and Culture
-- Business, Economics & International Relations

Czech Republic
Brno CzechMates: Brno Fa/Sp

CIEE: Prague
- Central European Studies
-- Communications, New Media & Journalism

Copenhagen DIS: Copenhagen, Study in Copenhagen Fa/Sp
Aix-en-Provence IAU College: Aix-en-Provence, School of Humanities and Social Sciences Fa/Sp/Yr
Montpellier Learning Abroad Center: France, Language and Culture in Southern France
-Intermediate Track (Pre-requisite: 2-3 semesters French)
--Advanced Track (Pre-requisite: 4+ semesters French)
Paris IES: Paris, Business and International Affairs Fa/Sp
IES: Paris, French Studies Program Fa/Sp/Yr
Berlin IES: Berlin, Language & Area Studies Fa/Sp/Yr
IES: Berlin, Metropolitan Studies Fa/Sp
Freiburg IES: Freiburg, European Union Program Fa/Sp
Freiburg, University of Freiburg Sp/Yr
Marburg Marburg: Philipps University, International Undergraduate Study Program Fa/Sp/Yr
Marburg: Philipps University, Intensive German Studies Program Sp
Athens *Athens, Greece: History, Culture, and Archaeology of Greece Spring only
Dublin IES: Dublin, Irish Studies Fa/Sp/Yr
IES: Dublin, Trinity College Program -  May 1 deadline recommended for spring applications
Galway Arcadia: Galway, University of Galway Fa/Sp/Yr
Limerick Limerick: University of Limerick Fa/Sp/Yr

Florence: International Studies Institute (ISI) at Palazzo Rucellai

Beginning Fall 2017, the fall and spring programs are no longer eligible for the IB Minor. Smeal students may attend to possibly earn gen ed or elective credits, but NOT credits towards the IB Minor. Go to Global Programs website to find program details and apply.

Milan IES: Milan, Italy Today Fa/Sp/Yr
Perugia Arcadia: Perugia, Umbra Institute
-- General Studies
-- Food & Sustainability Studies  **Food Studies Video**
-- Intensive Italian
Rome Temple: Rome Fa/Sp
IES: Rome Fa/Sp/Yr
Siena IES: Siena, Study in Tuscany Fa/Sp/Yr
IES: Siena, Business & Economics of Italian Food & Wine Fa/Sp

IES: Amsterdam
-- Law & Criminology - May 1 only, deadline for spring
-- Psychology & Sciences
-- Social Sciences & Humanities
-- Business & Economics

Maastricht Center for European Studies: Maastricht, Maastricht University Fa/Sp
Lisbon CIEE: Lisbon, Language and Culture Fa/Sp/Yr

IES: Barcelona

This program is NOT eligible for the IB Minor. Smeal students may earn gen ed or elective credits, but NOT credits towards an IB minor. Go to Global Programs website to find program details and apply.

Granada IES: Granada, Study in Granada Fa/Sp/Yr
Madrid IES & Penn State: Madrid, Business and Communications Sp
IES: Madrid, Language and Area Studies Fa/Sp/Yr
Salamanca IES: Salamanca, Study in Salamanca Fa/Sp/Yr

CIEE: Seville  See comparison to choose one of four tracks for the language level and course offerings that meet your academic goals.

-- International Business & Culture
-- Business & Society
-- Liberal Arts
-- Advanced Liberal Arts

Valencia Valencia: University of Virginia, Language and Culture Fa/Sp/Yr


Stockholm DIS: Stockholm, Study in Stockholm - see VIDEO Fa/Sp/Yr
United Kingdom
Brighton Brighton: University of Sussex Fa/Sp/Yr
Edinburgh Arcadia: Edinburgh Napier University Fa/Sp/Yr
London Arcadia: London, University of Westminster Fa/Sp/Yr
Arcadia: London Internship Program Fa/Sp/Yr
IES: London, Study London Fa/Sp/Yr
IES: London, Queen Mary University Fa/Sp/Yr
IES: London, University College London - Academically rigorous program. Meet with International Program Coordinator prior to application. Spring applications MUST be submitted by July 15. Fa/Sp/Yr
Oxford IES: Oxford, St. Catherine's College (Honors Program)- Academically rigorous program. Meet with International Program Coordinator prior to application.

ALL Application Deadlines (Fall, Spring, or Year) are January 20th for this program.