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Arabic and Asian Languages

Penn State study abroad programs to learn Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic and Korean. Many of these are Critical Need Languages for the US State Department.

These languages are among the most in demand for business and government positions. Learn while immersed in the fascinating culture that created it.

Country/CityProgram Sponsor University/ProgramLanguageSemester Offered
Hong Kong Hong Kong: Chinese University of Hong Kong Mandarin  & Cantonese Fa/Sp/Yr
Shanghai CIEE: Shanghai
- Accelerated Chinese Language
- Business, Language and Culture
- China in a Global Context
Mandarin Fa/Sp/Yr

Mito: Ibaraki University -  - Scholarship success story
Year Application Deadline is January 20th for this program.

Japanese Sp/Yr

IES: Nagoya, Nanzan University
(Fall or Year Application Deadline is January 20th, spring due July 15th).

Japanese Fa/Sp/Yr
Tokyo IES: Tokyo, Language and Culture Japanese Fa/Sp/Yr
Amman CIEE: Amman, Middle East Studies Arabic Fa/Sp/Yr
CIEE: Amman, Arabic Language Arabic Fa/Sp/Yr
Rabat IES: Rabat, Study in Rabat Arabic Fa/Sp/Yr
South Korea
Seoul CIEE: Seoul, Arts and Sciences Korean

Seoul: Sogang University
Seoul & Suwon: Sungkyunkwan University Korean Fa/Sp/Yr
Chiang Mai Learning Abroad Center: Thailand, Studies in International Development Thai Fa/Sp