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Smeal Global Representatives

Smeal Global Representatives are returned study abroad students and international students who have a deep appreciation for their cross-cultural experience and would like to encourage others to go abroad. Their stories, advice, and cultural insight are an invaluable resource for prospective study abroad students.

Smeal Global Representatives are returned study abroad students and international students who have a deep appreciation for their cross-cultural experience and would like to encourage others to go abroad. Their stories, advice, and cultural insight are an invaluable resource for prospective study abroad students.

There are over 30 Smeal Global Representatives who are available to answer any questions you might have about their experiences with study abroad in general and the specifics of their programs. Don't be shy -- reach out to them with questions you might have about what it's like to live, study and travel during a semester abroad!

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Country/City2019-2020 RepresentativesImage
The Americas
Brazil & Mexico

Ligia Guerrero
Marketing major

International student from Brazil and Mexico

It is called Brasil in Portuguese, the official language spoken in Brazil.

Ligia Guerrero was a Smeal Global Representative in Mexico and Brazil.

Mahala Meinen
SC&IS major & Spanish major, International Business minor

IES: Santiago Internship Program, Summer 2017
  also Spain - CIEE: Alicante, Liberal Arts, Spring 2018

I did an internship while living in Santiago for 2 months with a host family.

Portrait of Mahala Meinen.
Hong Kong

Yuruo Chen
Finance major

Chinese University of Hong Kong, Spring 2017
International student from China


Constance (Yangguang) Yin
Accounting major, Integrated MAcc program

International student from China
Non-PSU study abroad in Moscow, Russia, Summer 2017
IES: Rome, Language and Area Studies, Spring 2018
  with part-time internship abroad

In Moscow, Russia, we cooked traditional Russian meals together. They looked bad but tasted great!


James (Junjia) Fan
Finance major

International student from Suzhou, China.

I went to a local Chinese elementary school and a Singaporean-funded middle school and high school. Growing up in an international community in China, I was privileged to acknowledge different cultures and witness their fusion. When multiple cultures blend, food evolves!!!

Portrait of Junjia Fan.

YuShi Hou
Business Pre-major, Japanese minor

IES: Tokyo, Summer 2018
International Student from China

This summer I participated in IES Tokyo Summer study abroad program. During the program, I was able to spend three days with a local Japanese family. When I knew that the father of the host family is a Japanese monk, I was a little bit freak out. I knew nothing about Japanese religions, and thus I was worried about how I should behave in the family. What if I offend them unintentionally? But the truth is that the family members are really nice. They taught me about Japanese culture, religions, and why Japanese monks can get married. They also showed me how to cook Yakisoba, which is Japanese style fried noodles. On the second day, I taught them how to cook Chinese food, and we prepared dinner together. This is an amazing experience for me. I get to know traditional Japanese families' routine, their cultures, and food. I had chances to practice my Japanese speaking as well. I still keep in touch with them. I believe this friendship can last forever.

Portrait of YuShi Hou.

Chen-Ting Hsiao
Supply Chain Management major, International Business minor

IES: Tokyo, Summer 2019
International student from Taiwan & Singapore

I was born in Taiwan but I grew up in Singapore. When I was studying abroad in Tokyo during the Summer, I was able to interact with many Japanese locals that were studying English to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics. They would teach me some Japanese and I would teach them some English. It is a wonderful experience as I got the chance to interact with people from other cultures and learn more about them. It is what I love doing.

Chen-Ting Hsiao in Japan.

Chiraag Ramchandani
Business Pre-major

International student from Singapore & Malaysia

I have been to every country in South East Asia!

South Korea

Sungwook Park
Accounting major

International student from South Korea

Australia & New Zealand



Lucrezia Pulcini
Finance major, International Business minor

CIEE: Global Institutes (Madrid/Paris/Paris) Spring 2019
International student from Italy

While in Paris I learned about Fashion and Business and was able to do an internship with a small local company

Lucrezia Pulcini in Paris

Alice Lehr
Accounting major

DIS: Copenhagen, Study in Copenhagen

I traveled to Poland for a week with my Positive Psychology Core Course in order to broaden our knowledge and perspective on various Positive Psychology Topics. 

Alice Lehr in Denmark.

Rayna Klingensmith
Marketing major, Theatre & IB minors

Aix-en-Provence: Business at IAU College, Summer 2018
  Smeal Faculty-led program with Lou Gattis & Andy Gustafson

We got a chance to visit Marrakech, Morocco with our program. We got to go to a local village and help prepare a meal, as well as ride camels!

Portrait of Rayna Klingensmith.

Bridget Horan
Marketing major, French & International Business minors

Aix-en-Provence: Business at IAU College, Summer 2019
  Smeal Faculty-led program with Nancy Mahon

I visited a Virtual Reality Art Exhibit in Barcelona!

Bridget Horan in France.

Jahanvi Gupta
Accounting major, Integrated MAcc program, IB minor

Pforzheim University Business Program, Summer 2018

Sundays in Germany were mandatory relaxation and exploration days because all the shops and businesses were closed. It was definitely a lot different from here in the US, but it was a nice change that I quickly got accustomed to. I also quickly became a regular at the local döner place!

Portrait of Jahanvi Gupta.

Alex Palmer
Accounting major, Integrated MAcc program, International Business minor

IES: Freiburg, Language and Area Studies, Spring 2019

I actually got to teach English in a German Gymnasium (5th-12th grade) for three months of my program, with classes ranging from 7th-11th grade. Including one class where I was a partial Substitute teacher, where I was able to make my own curriculum and tailor an education about America to the students.

Alex Palmer in Germany.


Libby Kwon
Finance major

Florence: The World of Business and Italian Culture, Summer 2018
   Smeal Faculty-led program, IB 399 with Terrence Guay
International student from Korea

It was a food lover's dream. I took cooking classes, went on class field trips to wineries in Tuscany, ate gelato almost every night, tried the best pizza restaurants around the city, and – not surprisingly – ended up gaining 7 pounds in 6 weeks!

Portrait of Libby Kwon.


Kieran Shiffler
Marketing major, International Business minor

Florence: The World of Business and Italian Culture, Summre 2019
   Smeal Faculty-led program, MKTG 399 with Ralph Oliva

I went zip-lining across mountains and lakes in Croatia!

Kieran Shiffler in Italy.


Andrew Erb
Business Pre-Major

Florence: Old World Innovations and Modern Business Systems, Maymester 2019
   Smeal Faculty-led program with Scott Collins

I took a cooking class while in Florence, Italy and gained a greater appreciation for Italian cuisine.

Andrew Erb in Italy.


Tanushree Branibrata Lahiry
SC&IS major, IB minor

IES: Siena, The Business & Economics of Food and Wine, Spring 2018
International Student from India

Three months in Siena, Italy, taught me that a soy cappuccino is best enjoyed in a ceramic cup on the bar while talking to the barista. Every morning as I entered the local café, Giovanni - the barista poured me a small glass of water, laid down freshly made chocolate pastry and started dancing in front of the espresso machine to make me a soy cappuccino. He knew exactly what I wanted. We did not speak the same language but during those coffee sessions, I learned more about coffee, wine, liquor, food, history, and Italy than I could have ever imagined. When I was leaving Siena, I gifted Giovanni a Chianti wine and he said, "I will wait for you to open this bottle, it was a pleasure serving you!"

Portrait of Tanushree Branibrata Lahiry.

Jenner Stunkard
Finance major, IB minor

Maastricht: Doing Business in the European Union at CES, Summer 2017

I visited 18 cities in 9 different countries in the span of 8 weeks, including seeing many international business headquarters including Google in London, Deloitte in Amsterdam and others!

Portrait of Jenner Stunkard.

Jack Dunphy
Supply Chain Management major, International Business minor

CES: Maastricht University, Spring 2019

I had the amazing opportunity to study in the small city of Maastricht, Netherlands. The city, home to about 120,000 people, is truly one of the most spectacular places I have ever been to. Many people equate living in Maastricht to "living in a postcard" and I can say that it is even better. Not only is the city amazing, but the programs that are offered at Maastricht University force you to interact with people from all over the world and I guarantee you will leave with lifelong friends from all parts of the globe!

Jack Dunphy in Netherlands.

Kat Chornak
Accounting & Spanish majors, Integrated MAcc program

Ronda, Spain: Spanish Language and Culture, Summer 2018

I lived with a host mom who didn't speak any English, and learned how to cook lots of authentic Spanish food!

Portrait of Kathryn Chornak.

Celeste Fernandes
Management major, Spanish & International Business minors

IES: Madrid, Language and Area Studies, Spring 2019

I was able to take a theater class all in Spanish! We practiced various exercises and analyzed important plays throughout Spain's history. I ended the semester by performing a play with my classmates in front of the school, all in Spanish!

Celeste Fernandes in Spain.

Elliot Solomon
Finance & Spanish majors

UVA in Valencia, Spring 2018

Near the beginning of my semester abroad, I left my phone in my host home and walked around the city for a few hours with a friend. Beforehand we had some general ideas of things we wanted to see. More importantly, we wanted to get a feel for the city without the need for GPS. It was a lot of fun and it helped me learn my way around the city early on in the program which was really helpful the rest of the semester.

Portrait of Elliot Solomon.

Erin Sheets
SC&IS and Spanish majors, IB minor

CIEE: Alicante, Language and Culture, Spring 2018

I was able to go see Las Fallas in Valencia, Spain.
  (Don't know about Las Fallas? Read about it here!) 

Portrait of Erin Sheets.

Alessandra Auster
Marketing major, Digital Media Trends & Analytics minor

CIEE: Seville, International Business & Culture, Spring 2019

I absolutely fell in love with the little city of Sevilla, with its colorful tiles and tiny, confusing streets - (I recommend finding a friend who is good at directions)! There, I lived with the most amazing Spanish host-mom, and on our program's trip to Morocco, we stayed with another welcoming family that didn't speak English. We took a ferry from Sevilla to Morocco (after hours of thinking the trip would get cancelled due to rough waters), rode camels, participated in the topless hammam baths, had conversations with local students and a family in the mountains, and I got sung to "Happy Birthday" in Arabic since I turned 21 during our last night there. It was especially cool to be in Sevilla during the Spring to celebrate Semana Santa and La Feria. After visiting numerous countries and cities, Sevilla still has my heart.

Alessandra Auster in Spain.

Jake Walter
Supply Chain Management major, Spanish & International Business minors

IES: Madrid, Summer 2019

By the end of my study abroad, my roommates and I mastered making a typical Spanish dish - tortilla de patatas. 

Jake Walter in Spain.

Emily Lundy
Marketing major, Spanish & International Business minors

CIEE: Seville, Summer 2019

I was lucky enough to live in the beautiful Seville, Spain for two months this past summer. One of the most memorable parts of my experience abroad was getting the opportunity to visit four different cities in Morocco, Africa. While on the way back, our bus driver drove to the top of the mountain giving us the most incredible view of the Gibraltar Strait. Being able to see Africa and Spain at the same time was something I will never forget and one of the most beautiful views I have ever been able to see.  Traveling throughout Europe taught me a lot about perspective and culture and I look forward to going back. 

Emily Lundy in Spain.

Pernilla Axeheim
Marketing major, Digital Media Trends & Analytics Minor

International student from Sweden

I am an international student from Malmö, Sweden (20 minutes from Copenhagen, Denmark, by car!)

Portrait of Pernilla Axeheim.
United Kingdom

Nicklas Foster
SC&IS major

Arcadia: London, University of Westminster, Spring 2018

During my time at the University of Westminster in London, I was able to play on the University's Futsal Team. This afforded me the opportunity to truly make great local friends. The team was diverse in ethnicity and culture which allowed me to gain a wide variety of perspective. Moreover, I was able to spend time outside of school and Futsal with my teammates which helped grow lifelong friendships. I made fantastic memories and even better friends during my time in London!

Portrait of Nicklas Foster.
International Internships

Mahala Meinen
SCIS major & Spanish major

IES: Santiago Internship Program, Summer 2017
  also Spain - CIEE: Alicante, Liberal Arts, Spring 2018

I did an internship while living in Santiago for 2 months with a host family.

Portrait of Mahala Meinen.

Elizabeth Gladu
Management major, Legal Environment of Business minor

IES: Dublin, Internship Program, Summer 2019

One thing I learned is that tea is extremely popular in Ireland. I would drink about 3 cups a day while I was at work. I find myself still drinking it just as often at school now.

Elizabeth Gladu in Ireland.