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Non-PSU International Internships

If the Penn State programs do not suit your goals, you might want to consider programs without a Penn State affiliation. Because these internship programs have no Penn State affiliation, we do not officially endorse any of them, nor does this list cover all the viable options for students interested in interning abroad. Students considering this option assume the responsibility to evaluate the provider themselves.

Resources to Assist in an International Job Search


Use country guides to access over 80,000 resources to aid in a job or internship search in a country of interest.


Search engine to aid in identifying American company sites in other countries, and companies based abroad with US locations.

International Service Learning List

List of unaffiliated programs is maintained by the Schreyer Honors College 

Third-Party Internship Providers

Arcadia University

Australia: Sydney; Italy: Syracuse; Spain: Toledo; UK: Edinburgh 

CIEE Internships

Canada: Toronto; Chile: Santiago; China: Shanghai, Hong Kong; Czech Republic: Prague; German: Berlin; India: Mumbai; Singapore: Singapore; South Africa: Cape Town; Spain: Seville, Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona


China: Beijing, Shenzhen; UK: Manchester (Shanghai location is a Penn State affiliated program)

Dream Careers

China: Hong Kong; France: Paris; Spain: Barcelona; UK: London

EPA Internships in Europe

Belgium: Brussels; Germany: Bonn, Cologne, Berlin; Spain: Madrid; UK: London, Edinburgh

IES Internships

SUMMER - Australia: Sydney; China: Shanghai; Germany: Berlin; Italy: Milan; South Africa: Cape Town; Spain: Barcelona;
Spring & Fall full time internships are also available (Dublin, Rome, Paris, London and Santiago are Penn State affiliated programs)

Many of these companies have unpaid internships in the United States also.