Smeal College of Business Certificates

Smeal College of Business Certificates


READ (Real Estate Analysis and Development) Certificate

The Real Estate Analysis & Development Certificate is designed to prepare students for opportunities to interact with the real estate industry. Students will gain an understanding of the complexities of real estate resources, which will assist them in both personal and professional investment decisions. Skills that will be enhanced include negotiations, investment analysis, enhanced financial techniques, and institutional knowledge of the real estate industry.

Students enrolled in the READ Certificate will be encouraged to participate in extracurricular opportunities that will enhance their technical proficiency, intellectual curiosity, and social dexterity within the real estate field. Opportunities include: Real Estate Boot Camp, The Real Estate Society Student Club, and Argus certificate training (the industry leading software analysis platform).

The Risk Management Department in the Smeal College of Business administers the program. The READ Certificate is only offered at the University Park campus and is available only to Smeal undergraduate majors (excluding Risk Management majors who are in the Real Estate option).

The READ Certificate requires 9 credits:

  • RM 303: Real Estate Fundamentals
  • RM 450: Contemporary Issues in Real Estate Markets

and one of the following courses:

  • BLAW/RM 424: Real Estate Law
  • FIN 460: Real Estate Financial Analysis
  • FIN 470: Real Estate Capital Markets
  • RM 475: Quantitative Analysis for Business
  • RM 497: Real Estate Valuation

A grade of "C" or higher is required in each course.

READ Certificate Bulletin

Smeal College of Business Fundamentals Certificate

The Smeal College Business Fundamentals Certificate provides non-Smeal students with the background and knowledge for careers in corporate and non-profit settings. Core courses are framed around an integrated approach to management, finance, global operations, product development and promotion, and legal aspects of business. Students gain practical skills needed to compete in today's rapidly changing business environment.  This certificate is only for students NOT pursuing a Smeal College of Business major.

The Smeal College of Business Fundamentals Certificate requires:

  • ACCTG 211
  • ECON 102
  • Minimum 3 credits of 200-level statistics
  • BA 301
  • BA 302
  • BA 303
  • BA 304
  • either BLAW 243 or IB 303

Smeal College of Business Fundamentals Certificate Bulletin