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Choosing a Program

Choosing a Study Abroad Program is not selecting a travel destination, but examining goals and comparing them to what each program offers in terms of language fluency, geographic location, and course work. These programs are all approved for the IB Minor.

Programs listed here have been approved for the International Business Minor. All requirements of the program must be met to earn the IB Minor. They were selected from the full list of Penn State Education Abroad Office programs for their appeal to Smeal students. You need to carefully choose and prioritize three education abroad programs to list on the Education Abroad application.

  • Keep your major goals in mind
  • Review eligibility requirements
  • Research the required and optional courses
  • If cost is a consideration, visit the Financial Planning page
  • The purpose of study abroad is to ensure students expand their understanding of other people by experiencing a new culture. Select a destination that has a culture different from your home country.
  • Meet with your Academic Adviser to discuss how the courses from abroad will fulfill your degree requirements.
  • Appointments are available with the Smeal Office of International Programs.

It is important to start the planning process early so that you can schedule any prerequisite courses you may need for your preferred program.


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