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Contact an Organization

This page will direct members on how to go about contacting student organizations

Under the drop down menus to the left, you will find organizations broken into four categories along with a short description of each and a link to  their respective websites.  Browse through the listings to obtain more information on the groups that are of interest to you.

You can find a printable list of organizations complete with brief descriptions at this link.

Contacting a Smeal Student Organization

Many organizations publish appropriate contact information on their individual websites.  If you encounter a broken link or an out of date contact during your search, please follow these steps to contact your student organization of interest.

  • Access the Union and Student Activities Student Organization Directory.
  • Type in the appropriate criteria to initiate your search. You can also search for an organization by category and by mission statement. When ready, click SEARCH to obtain your results.
  • Be mindful of the boldfaced and clearly worded disclaimer at the top of the directory as it pertains to contacting student organizations.