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Disclosure Notice Spring 2013

To the Smeal College Undergraduate Community:

We would like to thank you for your continued support of the Smeal College Honor Code and the important principles and values it represents. While the vast majority of Smeal College students uphold the Honor Code, there have been instances during this reporting period in which some have fallen short of the mark. In identifying these shortcomings, both students and faculty members have taken the responsibility to step forward. In addition to faculty initiated actions, Smeal College students have brought academic integrity concerns to their respective instructors resulting in formal resolution through our review process.

For the April 1, 2012 - March 31, 2013 reporting period:

There were 59 referrals to the academic integrity violation process.

  • Uncontested Cases: 55
  • Contested Cases: 4 (violations and sanctions confirmed: 2, pending: 2)

Violation categories

  • Falsifying attendance records.
  • Improper copying or collaborating on homework assignments.
  • Attempting to falsify an assignment submission on the Angel system.
  • Plagiarism in various forms.
  • Refusing to comply with examination rules and procedures.
  • Improper communication with another student during examination.
  • Using a cell phone during an exam.
  • Copying answers / wrongfully viewing another student's examination.
  • Having available prohibited study aids during an examination.
  • Examination theft.

The sanctions for these violations ranged from warnings; reduced scores on the examinations or assignments; zero credit on the examinations or assignments; reduction of final course grades; and course failure.

The Smeal College Honor Code represents an important distinction for our students and alumni. With your support, the Smeal College of Business will continue represent the highest values through its graduates entering business communities throughout the world.



Charles H. Whiteman, Dean

Jeffery M. Sharp, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education