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Smeal Career & Corporate Connections offers numerous opportunities to assist you in your Career Development. View our timelines to help you plan for each academic year.

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    "The students who take full advantage of the Corporate Services office are some of the top students we meet on any of our strategic campuses. Meeting these students is always a treat whether it’s in an interview or during an event we host on campus."

    ~ Brooks Renoll, Dick’s Sporting Goods

    View our webshops to begin developing career skills and join our Angel Group (search for Smeal Career Connections) to obtain more detailed information on all of these topics.

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    Fall ’13 Drawing Winners

    Thank you to everyone who participated by reporting your internships and co-ops! The winners of the $50 gift cards for the Fall 2013 drawing are:

    • Sarah Mackey
    • Kristina Nauman
    • Jonathan Mercado

    The next drawing will occur on May 31st, 2014! Report Your Internship and you will be automatically entered into the drawing!