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SmealConnect is the online recruiting system for Smeal students

SmealConnect (formerly Smeal Symplicity) is the online recruiting system in which you will have the ability to search for open co-op and internship positions in business. You'll want to utilize the SmealConnect system early in your academic career so that you can start to view open positions and think about your future career aspirations. Every Fall semester a welcome email with instructions on accessing the system is sent to all eligible students. You can also access the instructions online. The welcome email, as well as all other SmealConnect correspondences, will come from - be sure to add this address to your list of accepted email addresses!

Who is eligible?

  • must be a current Undergraduate student seeking internships or co-ops (also includes one-year MAcc students)
  • OR must be a Smeal alumnus seeking full-time positions
  • must have a registered Smeal major
  • OR must be a DUS student tracking a Smeal major
  • must be a degree candidate (students in non-degree status are not eligible)

What can SmealConnect provide?

  • internship and co-op opportunities in business industries
  • access to career events, information sessions, career fairs and networking opportunities
  • resources and tips on how to be successful in your career search
  • employer bios to research companies

Accessing the System:

To access SmealConnect, you MUST sign the SmealConnect User Agreement, agreeing to our policies, every academic year.  If you have already signed the agreement, you can click on the link at the upper right hand side of this page labeled SmealConnect. This will allow you to log into the system.

If you have not signed the SmealConnect User Agreement or need to re-sign it for this academic year, please visit SmealConnect First Time Log-In.

NOTE: it takes 1-2 business days for your account to be unblocked (our business hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm).

Once you sign the SmealConnect User Agreement, you will receive an email with your SmealConnect password - we recommend changing this to match your password for eLion, WebMail, etc. so that it is easy to remember.

If you have questions on how to use the system, view our tips section and watch the SmealConnect Webshop for more detailed information.

Other PSU College's Internship Sites:

If you are not a Smeal student and are seeking internship or co-op positions, the following links will direct you to your College's internship systems.

College of Agricultural Sciences (Career Network) -

College of Communications -

College of Engineering (eCareer) -

College of IST (Compass) -

College of the Liberal Arts (Career Enrichment Network) -

Eberly College of Science (SciOpps) -

Looking for full-time opportunities?

Full-time positions for all majors, across all Colleges and Campus locations, can be found in Nittany Lion Career Network.  Supply Chain undergrads and alumni seeking full-time opportunities can access Supply Chain Symplicity.